Twitter Reaction of Taylor Swift’s Cat Worth $97 Million, People Going Berserk

Twitter Reaction of Taylor Swift’s Cat Worth $97 Million, People Going Berserk

We have all felt poor every now and then at some stage in our lives. Sometimes it is just self-realization and sometimes it is pure jealousy. Most of the time the people who make us jealous are our friends who are richer than us and sometimes it’s people like Jeff Bezos. But have you ever seen people getting jealous of a cat? Disclaimer: it is the cat of Taylor Swift!

That’s right! Taylor Swift’s cat named Olivia Benson has a net worth of $97 million. The Grammy award-winning singer owns three cats and the other two are Meredith Grey who is a Scottish Fold just like Olivia and the third one is Benjamin Button, who is a Ragdoll.

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How is the internet reacting to the net worth of the pet cat of Taylor Swift?

As soon as the news of Olivia being the third richest pet became viral, the internet went insane. In a world where it’s hard for a majority of people to dream of owning even a few thousand dollars, this cat owns 97 million. It seems kind of funny because, in 2019, Swift made a film based on the famous musical Cats, which was a huge box office flop. According to Screen Rant, the film grossed $58 million worldwide, and the studios had to bear a loss of $71 million.

Olivia being the third richest pet raised an obvious question in people’s minds: Who are the first two? Well, the first richest pet in the whole world is Gunther VI, which is a dog. This German Shepherd owns a wealth of $500 million which is more than billions of human beings. Italian media organization Gunther Corporation manages his wealth, with Carla Riccitelli being one of the primary caretakers.

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Second, comes to the list is yet another cat called Nala, who has a net worth of about $100 million. Nala is a social media influence cat whose owners are Shannon Ellis and Varisiri Methachittiphan. However, netizens went insane over this recent highlight about the Anti-Hero singer, which is how they are reacting.


One of Taylor Swift’s best friends, Selena Gomes has a newt worth lesser than her cat.

However, it does seem pretty crazy, but after all, it is the cat of, Taylor Swift, one of the most loved singers of all time. Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments below.


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