Top 10 Must-Watch TV Series On Netflix For 2021

Top 10 Must-Watch TV Series On Netflix For 2021

Binge-worthy shows assembled in this specially curated list deserve your attention. Let us take you through this conscious collection from a pool of content on Netflix. Choose from the best and enjoy streaming. From Clickbait to Behind Her Eyes, read on to find the top ten must-watch series on Netflix for 2021.


This recently released miniseries that premiered on 25th August has been in talks on social media, with opinions raking in from fans. Clickbait stars Adrian Grenier as the lead Nick Brewer. The 8 episodes thriller drama takes us through the digital arteries concerning online threats involving phishing, surveillance, and whatnot. Brewer gets abducted in a crime with a sinister online plot twist. Just when you think you know what’s going on, you realize the contrary. Of course, you can’t avoid this show on Netflix because it’s ‘Clickbait.’ You got to click on it and stream.

Must-watch for those who liked the docudrama – The Social Dilemma.


For the fans of K-Dramas, we have this on our list. When two love skeptics get attracted to each other, what brews is an exciting story of a man annoyed with relationships and a woman who does not believe in love. Stream to know if they overcome their experiences to discover love.

This romance show is based on a webtoon of the same name, which was published on Never Webtoon.

The Chair

Comedy and drama are indeed the defining genres of this 6 episode long series. For the first time, a woman of color becomes the English department chair at a major university. Her struggles to match the expectations and demands of an otherwise failing department awaits your eyes.

The Chair is a campus drama filled with satire and humor, where Sandra Oh leads the show as Dr. Ji-Yoon.


This present-past collision and the daring adventures of a suburban wife and mother of two will take you on a ride filled with emotional and sexual dilemmas. Billie Connelly’s (Sarah Shahi) trip down the memory lane, fantasizing of her wild past, leaves her charged and vulnerable.

Choosing between sex and life? How much can be put at stake while balancing deepest desires and a family?

The Irregulars

The British mystery crime drama brings together a group of misfit teenagers to fight the supernatural forces. They investigate supernatural crimes in Victorian London for Dr. Watson and his shadowy associate, Sherlock Holmes.

Who will not want to venture on Baker Street one more time? Watch The Irregulars saving London in this crime show based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Brand New Cherry Flavor

The list cannot be devoid of something horrific. This surreal series will suck you in a funnel of revenge, gore, sex, and kittens. Lisa Nova, an aspiring film director, heads to Hollywood in the 1990s alluring Los Angeles. How she treads on to seek supernatural revenge that gets ghastly? You’ll find out once you watch the horror drama.

Also, Rosa Salazar gives a breath-taking performance, no less than an enchantress, while playing Lisa.

Murder Among The Mormons

This TV Miniseries is a true-crime documentary centered on Mark Hofmann, the most accomplished notorious forger and counterfeiter. Hofmann created forgeries related to the Latter-day Saint movement. The show is based on the three lethal bombings that rattled Sal Lake City in 1985.

The three-part series investigates obsessive Mormons and the double-murder.

Behind Her Eyes

Psychological thriller it is. The single mother and receptionist, Louise, gets involved in a love affair with her psychiatrist boss. She befriends his mysterious wife in this psychosexual thriller that revolves around this trio. Behind Her Eyes is based on a best-selling thriller novel of the same name by English author Sarah Pinborough.

A receptionist, a psychiatrist boss, and his cryptic wife make a triangle playing mind games worth traversing.

Ginny And Georgia

15-year-old Ginny Miller is an angsty teenager, mature-before-her-age. Georgia Miller, 30, mother of Ginny and 9 years old Austin, is a former Southern belle, irresistible and dynamic. Ginny and Georgia have their issues, and a mother-daughter relationship is fun to watch. From teen’s sexuality to psychopath adults, this show has it all.

This romantic comedy-drama takes you on a bumpy road of a fresh start in the New England town. Netflix has made it official that Season 2 is on its way.

History Of Swear Words

We have yet another documentary series on our list coupled with Murder Among The Mormons. Nicolas Cage is the presenter of History of Swear Words. Now, who would not want to critically examine the history of our most notoriously used words. Furthermore, the series also investigates the cultural impact and usage of swear words.

Henceforth, before scandalizing your friend, you will feel proud to know the contextual meaning of the slur you will utter. This series is a testimony that Netflix usually knows what people would want to watch. We realize it only after we are done watching.

The list ends here, and your task begins. We eased the selection for you from a massive pool of content. Now all you have to do is stream.

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