Throwback to When Anne Hathaway Wanted to Be Friends With Meghan Markle

Throwback to When Anne Hathaway Wanted to Be Friends With Meghan Markle

The year was 2018. In the timeline of the British Royal Family, it was a festive season. In May of that year, the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place. Shortly after their nuptials, the internet blew up as news of the new bride going through Royal training with the Queen surfaced. For the entire world watching, it reminded us of the Anne Hathaway scene from The Princess Diaries.

Perhaps this is why Anne Hathaway believed she could be an ally for Meghan Markle. Granted, the reasons are speculative, but the Bride Wars actress did, in fact, express an interest in being friends with the new duchess. Did Meghan respond?

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Anne Hathaway extended a hand of friendship to Meghan Markle

2018 was also a pivotal year for women in cinema. Ocean’s 8, Hollywood’s first heist movie with an all-female cast, graced our screens in June of that year. Despite some criticism regarding the film’s plot, the heist flick had a great reception. It debunked the myth that women in the film industry do not get along with one another.

Interestingly, at the premiere of Ocean’s 8, an Access reporter followed up with Anne Hathaway about her pending friendship with Meghan Markle. When asked if she has received a response yet, Hathaway gracefully replied,

No, I think she’s a little preoccupied at the moment. I think she might have a couple of other things going on.

It was a fair assumption from the Get Smart actress. Considering even regular newlyweds take a while to settle into the new role, Markle went from an American actress to the Duchess of Sussex. The change was paramount.

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Sadly, to date, no confirmation about their friendship ever came up after the above interview. However, so much has changed since then. Following the critical Royal exit, Harry and Meghan now live with their kids in California. Markle even hosts a podcast on Spotify titled Archetypes. The Duchess invites powerful women and they discuss various challenges and stereotypes women have to endure in different walks of life.

Perhaps Anne Hathaway and the cast of Ocean’s 8 can be the next guests on Meghan’s podcast. Do you think Hathaway and Markle would have made good friends? Can they still? Let us know in the comments. For more Hathaway goodness, you can watch The Last Thing He Wanted on Netflix.

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