Netflix Golden Compares ‘Money Heist: Korea’ With ‘Ocean’s 8’ Featuring Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway

Netflix Golden Compares ‘Money Heist: Korea’ With ‘Ocean’s 8’ Featuring Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway

CAUTION- All the heist dramas ever made are solely for entertainment purposes. If your internal mastermind is getting evoked yet again by Money Heist Korea; please take precautionary measures ASAP!!

It’s not been long since the Korean miniseries, Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area has hit the OTT platform with its cracking heist strategy. And we must admit it’s quite successful at it. It has stolen an impressive amount of attention from both critics and fans.

Fascinatingly, within a little amount of time, fans have drawn parallels with other heist dramas ever made in history. While we cannot call it the best of all, we all agree on one thing. The plot—revolving around one mastermind and others following his footsteps—reminds us of another such heist drama, Ocean’s 8. And without wasting even a fraction of time, Netflix Golden has done the work with its recent tweet.

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Money Heist Korea is led by a single mastermind, and so is Ocean’s 8

If you have already binged through the Korean heist, you are already crushing over the mega mind behind the entire scheme of stealing four trillion won of the new unified currency. Yes, the professor, Yoo Ji-tae, is the brain of the heist. And well, he could surely be compared to Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock). She too assembles an all-star team of seven women to steal a $150 million diamond necklace in the movie Ocean’s 8.

This basic-level similarity justifies Netflix Golden’s tweet comparing the two works.

Furthermore, the team of thieves is led by Berlin (Park Hae-soo), who is a North Korean prisoner. In Ocean’s 8 too, Debbie is the newly paroled trickster, who convinces her friends to steal the Toussaint, a $150 million Cartier necklace, during the upcoming Met Gala. They use film star Daphne Kluger as an unwitting accomplice. Nairobi in Money Heist Korea is surely her Korean counterpart. The only difference being the all-women team does not use anything such as the Hahoetal mask to deceive their hosts.

Lastly, we can safely say that both—the Korean heist and the one involving all women con starts in Ocean’s 8—has a stellar cast. Their characters come from a specific background and therefore, are a perfect fit for their role. 

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If you haven’t watched it already, both Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area and Ocean’s 8 are now available on Netflix. Go binge-watch it all and let us know in the comment section if you agree with Netflix Golden or not.

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