Throwback to Toddler Prince William giving Mother Diana a near heart attack

Throwback to Toddler Prince William giving Mother Diana a near heart attack

Regardless of all the trenchant controversies and endless feuds, the one thing that binds the two estranged brothers is their late mother, Princess Diana. The Duke of Sussex and the Prince Of Wales have been through the shared trauma of losing their mother to a horrible car accident which has had a permanent impact on their lives. Ever since the tragedy struck, the Royal Family, Prince Harry, and Prince William were never the same anymore.

Social media is filled with some heartwarming flashbacks to the time when Princess Diana was the happiest with her two sons. Despite her life’s endless tragedy, she could hold herself together by relying on her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Reminiscing the same, a video has recently resurfaced on Instagram that clearly shows the beautiful bond that once lasted between the three. Here is a throwback to a beautiful video of the time when Prince William was hardly a toddler and Harry could not even speak.

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Toddler Prince William gives Diana a scare

Playing in the gardens of Kensington Palace, the then Princess of Wales could be seen laughing and merry-making with her two kids. As the big brother tries to climb on play equipment, Princess Diana looks after his baby steps in perfect scrutiny. As she lifted an extension of Williams’ jacket laying on his back, she teases her son in a playful manner. William, on the other hand, gets busy explaining to his mother and slips down on one foot.

Soon after he falls back on his back upright with the play set, the mother of two gives him a death scare as it had almost shaken the Princess. Diana was taken aback as William flinched while playing, as she thought he was going to fall right down. A user named DescendantsofDiana took to Instagram to post this wholesome video of the mother and son trio.

There have been plenty of such instances where the Royal brothers grew under the complete guidance of their mother until tragedy struck the family. Ever since, both William and Harry have gone their separate ways, trying to put a united front before the public. While William grew up to follow his father, King Charles’ footsteps to render his responsibilities as the Prince of Wales, Harry grew awry of the family and parted ways to settle in the United States.

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