Throwback to Eva Mendes Rating Ryan Gosling Character on the Basis of Spending Time With Them

Throwback to Eva Mendes Rating Ryan Gosling Character on the Basis of Spending Time With Them

Touchwood, Eva Mendes, and Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling have been together for over a decade now. The past ten years have seen many instances where they have proved their immense love for each other. However, the couple sometimes falls short to hide the tinge of naughtiness that silver lines their relationship from the world. 

Here is an instance. Recently in an interview with Access, Eva Mendes made some spicy confessions that made the host chuckle. All of us who ship the notoriously private couple got to catch a glimpse of their fiery kinks and interests. But did you know what she talked about? 

Which look of Ryan Gosling does Eva want to spend her nights (and days) with?

Ryan’s recent course of development has stirred social media and fans with excitement and curiosity. Eva Mendes was no exception, either. Along with his fans who got drooling over Ryan Gosling’s Ken looks, his girlfriend decided to pitch in her comments too. The host then showed the Hitch actress a meme of two pictures of Ryan where he is in two completely different attires. 

One was the frenzy Ken doll that went viral on the internet. While the other was of his dashing and brooding looks of a top-notch agent of The Gray Man. Unable to resist her choice, Eva immediately categorized her choice according to the part of the day she spends her time with. 


She chose Ryan’s The Gray Man look as a man she would pay to spend her nights with. While pointing out his ‘easy-going beach gut’ Ken looks, Eva cheekily shared that this was the one whom she would love to spend her days with. This was followed by a lot of hilarious yet bawdy remarks.

The couple shares two beautiful children named Esmeralda and Amada and have been in a happy relationship for years without considering marriage.

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While rumors have it that Eva has quit acting, Ryan, on the other hand, is currently working on his upcoming project Barbie. The release date is fixed on 21 July, next year. The 41-year-old Hollywood A-lister would be seen alongside Margot Robbie, who is playing the lead role of Barbie.

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