“This sh*t so wack…”- the Internet Comes Out to Support ‘Family Guy’ Amidst Uncanny Outrage for Nipsey Hussle Joke

“This sh*t so wack…”- the Internet Comes Out to Support ‘Family Guy’ Amidst Uncanny Outrage for Nipsey Hussle Joke

Family Guy, known for its offensively hilarious content, has managed to raise eyebrows regarding Nipsey Hussle. The series is undoubtedly one of the long-running comedy adult cartoons today. Almost like an 18+ version of The Simpson, the Southpark-style family version not only picks on celebrities but also has them lending voices occasionally.

Now, there are series like these that seem immune from the modern-day politically correct and sensitive world. But there seems to be an exception with the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle. Some people are criticizing the show calling them distasteful for their content about the late rapper. But coming to the series’ defense are Twitteratis.

Twitteratis back Family Guy amidst backlash about their Nipsey Hussle joke

Family Guy does not spare anyone, even if it is a late rapper who passed away. As per a Tweet by RapTv, the animated series is facing backlash for mocking Nipsy Hussle, who passed away in a violent attack dying from gunshot wounds to the head and torso in 2019.

But fans on Twitter are defending the series mentioning how it has always been offensively funny and has managed to not get canceled since its first airing in 1999. The scene about the rapper is from the episode Young Parent Trap from Season 19 of the series. Wherein Peter remarks how fans are mourning over the death of a rapper that not many even knew of. 

One fan pointed commented, “This s*it is so whack.” He explained how the rapper was a great musician, but it is also a fact that not many people knew about him. Another fan also commented on the same lines mentioning how the joke wasn’t on the rapper, as much as it was on the ‘fans’ that are mourning him now.

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Family Guy is produced by Seth MacFarlane for Fox News and has released 21 seasons so far. The content has always remained uncensored and won at least Eight Emmy Awards, amongst others. While a lot of celebrities have been canceled in recent times for making offensive statements, the series has continued thanks to backing from fans.

What do you think of Family Guy making a joke about Nipsey Hussle? Comment your thoughts.


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