THIS Rom-Com Starring Anne Hathaway Once Influenced a Young Millie Bobby Brown “to try those genres”

THIS Rom-Com Starring Anne Hathaway Once Influenced a Young Millie Bobby Brown “to try those genres”

Anne Hathaway’s stellar career is a true testament to her acting prowess. From films like Devil Wears Prada to Passengers to Interstellar, her portfolio of roles could not be more diverse. Having said that, Anne Hathaway is still the reigning queen of romantic comedies. Her earnest performances in the rom-com genre have influenced several new actresses to emulate her. One of them is our very own Millie Bobby Brown.

Back in 2019, Stranger Things’ resident superhero expressed her interest in romantic and comedy films. She opened up about how it was an Anne Hathaway flick that generated this desire. Can you guess the film?

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Which Anne Hathaway film inspired Millie Bobby Brown to try her hand at romantic comedies?

Ever since her debut in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Millie Bobby Brown has found a place in the fantasy genre. However, the British actress cannot seem to shake off the monsters. Whether it is the Demogorgon-Demodog-Mindflayer trifecta in Stranger Things or the three-headed hydra in Godzilla vs Kong, she is constantly facing off some creature or the other.

This phenomenon was truer back in June 2019, when Brown was still not part of Enola Holmes. In an interview for Refinery 29, Brown expressed her wish to expand and diversify her film roster. When asked about her desired genres, she pointed out how the romance category has eluded her. 

I obviously have a romantic interest in Stranger Things, but not like an actual romantic movie,” shared Millie.

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Apart from that, she even wanted to be part of a comedy. So a romantic comedy would be a perfect blend of Millie’s wishes. When asked if the young actress had a particular film in mind, Millie mentioned a wonderful movie from 2010.

One I watched the other day, which I just loved, is Love And Other Drugs. Such a good movie. Anne Hathaway is great, and so is Jake [Gyllenhaal],” said Brown.

Granted, Millie Bobby Brown has several projects like Enola Holmes 2 and The Electric State in the pipeline, but a rom-com is still nowhere to be seen. Perhaps there is one in the future alongside Anne Hathaway with her name on it. 

How do you think Brown would fare in a romantic film? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Enola Holmes streaming on Netflix.



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