THIS Key Detail Connects Harald Sigurdsson From Vikings: Valhalla to Vikings

THIS Key Detail Connects Harald Sigurdsson From Vikings: Valhalla to Vikings

Die-hard fans of series always watch sequels of their original shows closely to spot Easter eggs, small details that others might miss. And showrunners, keeping these loyal fans in mind, always add some minute details to find. One such loyal fan has found a key piece that connects Vikings: Valhalla to its predecessor Viking. And we are furious to not have seen it ourselves.

Harald Finehair from Vikings and Harald Sigurdsson from Vikings: Valhalla are related?

The Vikings: Valhalla series picks up 100 years after the events of Vikings, where the Vikings are in a conflict with the English under the reign of King Edmund (Louis Davison). However, the Vikings themselves are struggling between their Pagan belief and Christianity.

One of the central characters in season one of Vikings: Valhalla is Harald Sigurdsson. The Nordic Prince is the last of Vikings’ nobility and has ambitions of becoming the King of Norway.

He shares this ambition with his Great Grandfather, Harald Finehair, whom we saw in the Original Vikings series. Actor Peter Franzén plays the role of Harald in the original series.

A keen fan has spotted a huge detail linking the two nobles. In a tweet by NetflixGeeked, it is revealed that Harald Sigurdsson also wore a bracelet that was previously seen wearing by Harald Finehair, showing that it must have been passed on in their family to their descendants.

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Who is Harald Finehair?

To date, Harald I is the most successful and greatest of the Norwegian war chiefs. Harald’s first conquest came with the suppression of a revolt in the Uplands region after succeeding his father Halvdan the Black at the age of 10. He conquered many parts of Norway. However, he was a nominal head in most of those parts.

It is a cool Easter egg that connects the two immensely great shows. We have covered other such details that you might have missed on our site, do check it out.

If we have missed any detail that you have spotted, let us know in the comments below.

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