THIS Is How Billie Eilish Helped Harry Styles Become a Better Artist

THIS Is How Billie Eilish Helped Harry Styles Become a Better Artist

The seven-time Grammy Music Award winner Billie Eilish and the one-time Grammy Music award winner Harry Styles are tied together not only by their brilliant musical talents but a lot more. Furthermore, Eilish was only fourteen years old when she became an overnight sensation with her song Ocean Eyes. Similar to how Harry Styles was just sixteen years old when he debuted with the British boyband One Direction.

The two musicians have enjoyed bigger-than-life stardom at a very young age. Styles has come a long way as a solo artist after One Direction disbanded in 2016. Although the two have never collaborated or even had a proper on-screen interaction, Styles had a lot to say about Billie Eilish.

How Billie Eilish got Harry Styles out of his slum

After leaving One Direction, Harry Styles has channeled his inner self into his music. Furthermore, the singer-turned-actor has been more than open about the struggles that he has faced. Be it anxiety or finding your identity after being in a world-famous band such as One Direction for six years. Around the time of the release of Harry House, the Don’t Worry Darling actor’s third studio album, the singer did an in-depth interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

It was pretty evident after One Direction announced their indefinite hiatus, that the boys struggled to find the right chords when it came to their music careers. Harry Styles touched on this matter in his interview. “How do you play that game, of like, remaining exciting?” said Harry. And this is where Billie Eilish comes in.

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Harry Styles further talks about how watching Billie Eilish perform and be phenomenal on stage led him to the realization that he isn’t as young anymore. This was contrary to how he felt during his time in One Direction. The song Live While We’re Young and the book Forever Young are testaments to this fact.

Seeing Billie Eilish achieve so much popularity and acknowledgment at such a young age helped Harry Styles find direction. “She just totally broke the spell for me, in a way that I’m like very grateful for,” said Styles about Billie Eilish. And while the two have never gotten together to discuss the nitty gritty of their career Styles is very thankful for the Ocean Eyes singer from afar.

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