“This is going to go bad” – Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Sheds Light on Why She Moved Away From Acting

“This is going to go bad” – Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Sheds Light on Why She Moved Away From Acting

Willow Smith has dropped some truth bombs about her career as an actress. She understood fame from a very young age, thanks to her star-studded family. The only daughter of A-list star Will Smith and Jada Smith is not afraid to open up and speak up about her feelings regarding the Hollywood industry and her experience being a child star.

Smith could have gotten a lot of opportunities due to both her contacts and her skills. But the Memories singer, like most young actors, felt the need to be a kid and not miss out on life the way young talents do due to their busy schedules and stress. But she had more to talk about her decision regarding her career in an interview.

Why did Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, not want to be a child star?

Willow Smith had a lot to reveal in her interview on SiriusXM’s Bevelations about her career. According to her, at 12 years old, the actress touched upon sadness due to the side effects of her blooming career in the industry, which made her realize that something was off.

The young actress had an introspection, “It’s not a deep, heartbreaking, like, world-shattering fear. I really just think my higher self was like, No. This is going to go bad for you.’ And I just had to listen.”

Her higher self spoke to her during the difficult phase. She realized she was going down a dark path that needed to be stopped before it got darker, as it began affecting her health.

The star had a revelation of how wrong the feeling was, and needed to protect herself before it was too late. Even though she experiences fear in her young mind in regard to music, this is something crazy that she needed to get out of. Willow and her brother have seen a lot, especially considering how much limelight her family gets.

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Especially witnessing the criticism that her father Will received post the Oscars stunt. She appeared alongside her father in I Am Legend as a tiny girl, followed by Madagascar 2 with her mother Jada Pinkett-Smith. However, the 21-year-still has a lot of potential and a career ahead of her. Would you like to see her career in music or follow her father’s footsteps for a full-blown career as an actress? Let us know in the comments.

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