This Hysterical Character Is Much More Intriguing Than Anne Elliot In Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’

This Hysterical Character Is Much More Intriguing Than Anne Elliot In Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’

Netflix’s Persuasion was one of the highly anticipated releases this summer that terribly failed, criticized by fans for its farcical representation and dissonant upgrade. This new adaptation depicted the revival of Anne Elliot’s past love and courtship which was broken eight years ago. And now she spends her time with her extravagant family including her father Sir Walter Elliot and sisters. While she is mostly seen with her younger sister Mary Elliot who is married to Charles Musgrove.

Mia McKenna-Bruce has portrayed the character of Mary Elliot, a temperamental woman who is always focused on herself. Although her strange subjects in the movie are quite amusing and seem to be more entertaining than Anne, who often spends her time passing smiles to the audience. Let’s see how Mary Elliot has made viewers laugh with her hysterical nature, annoying behavior, and grim expressions throughout the film. 

Mary Elliot is the most self-obsessed character in Jane Austen’s Persuasion 

Mary Elliot was portrayed as an inattentive mother and proud woman who feels that the world runs around her only. Being the daughter of an Elite gentleman she believes everyone should treat her like a special snowflake. Whereas no one seems to be much bothered as her in-laws are completely aware of her overly sensitive nature.

For instance, Anna introduces her in the movie calling her a “narcissist” and saying “she can be great fun”. And it was true because her dialogue has such a hilarious tint that will surely make viewers cackle. Including one of her favorite lines:

“I can’t move. I’m on the verge of death.” 

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One of the most hysterical scenes of the movie is when Mary tells Anne that Frederick and Louisa might get married soon. She gives a hint to her sister that she should get married saying: 

“Marriage is the greatest blessing that life can offer. ” 

It seems quite a contrary statement to be spoken by her when she doesn’t even know where her children are or what her husband is doing. 

Anne Elliot’s younger sister is the drama queen of this period drama

Moreover, she keeps on bantering about how much she hates her life even though it’s perfectly beautiful. While she insists on going to the party so she doesn’t have to take care of her boys saying: 

“It’s not enough I brought these humans into the world. I must now miss dinners on account of them.”

Also, she gives the craziest reason to stay away from her children saying she is an empath and cannot be around them because she deeply feels their pain. Whereas Mary just needs an excuse to free herself from the burden of responsibilities and do nothing for the rest of her life. As we see she is either lying on her couch pretending about the illness that doesn’t even exist or sitting in her garden having tea. It’s really funny how she makes faces to convince people around her because they simply fall into her trap.

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This character seems comical to us as viewers might have never seen such a person who is so indulged in self-love and care that they find this world useless. Therefore, despite the chaotic modern misinterpretation of this regency novel Mary’s dramatic nature can be an amusing thing to watch.

Mia McKenna-Bruce is a British actress who has also been as Bree Deringer in the iPlayer series Get Even. If you liked this new perspective on Persuasion do let us know your views in the comment box below. Until then keep Netflixing and keep sticking to our website to know about more curious angles from different shows.

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