This 13 Reasons Why-Esque Max and Lucas Edit From ‘Stranger Things’ Will Make You Weep Like a Willow

This 13 Reasons Why-Esque Max and Lucas Edit From ‘Stranger Things’ Will Make You Weep Like a Willow

Before tuning into Stranger Things Volume 2, we knew something bad was going to happen. Fans were hoping that their favorite characters would make it to the end. Well, they kind of did. But, the Duffer brothers had warned us that this season of Stranger Things is trouble for Max and we should have listened to them. From the moment Max found the grandfather clock and had a close encounter with Vecna, the Duffers were setting us for a finale that would break our hearts. In a fan edit of Lucas and Max, we see a montage of their moments throughout the series. We are not crying, it’s the onions!

Max and Lucas Stranger Things edit that is breaking hearts all over again 

A fan-edited the couple’s moments to 13 Reasons Why’s Lord Huron’s The Night We Met. The music is perfect as we see snippets of them dancing on the night of the Middle school Snow Ball. 

Max and Lucas had a very natural progression from friends to lovers. The love was introduced when Max entered the show in season 2. The gang quickly took her in, in the absence of Eleven. And by the end of that, Lucas and Max started dating.

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Their relationship hit a rough patch when her brother, Billy dies. Max withdraws herself from everyone even Lucas because of her guilt. The two reconnect when Max becomes a target of Vecna. In the couple’s finale moments, just before Max would use herself as bait, the two agreed to go on a date. We even see her running away from Vecna in her best memory which included the Snow Ball and her first kiss with Lucas. Although Eleven saved Max from Vecna, she became brain dead after the event. With their date night still pending, the Duffers brothers might bring her back in the next season. 

The final also ended with Eddie sacrificing himself to save Dustin. 

What do you think about the bittersweet ending of Stranger Things Vol 2? Are you still rooting for the couple?

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