“Things start to hurt”- Ryan Reynolds Reveals How His Age Does Not Allow Him to Perform Stunts

“Things start to hurt”- Ryan Reynolds Reveals How His Age Does Not Allow Him to Perform Stunts

Ryan Reynolds is an all-rounder, a man who has it all, as many would say. Brown eyes, straight teeth, impeccable humor, and Grammy as well as Golden Globe nomination. He is one of the highest-grossing actors in the industry, all thanks to Deadpool. But giving the audience a great action film comes with the price of a few broken bones, especially since Ryan performs his own stunt. The pain is more obvious now that the actor is aging.

Stunts are starting to hurt Ryan Reynolds

We have seen Ryan on screen ever since he was a teenager. Over the years, he has built a name for himself both in acting and action. Ryan’s best action stunts are captured in Blade: Trinity, Green Lantern, 6 Underground, and Red Notice. However, there is no doubt that it was in Deadpool that the audience saw the gem that he truly was.

While the movie managed to receive a standing ovation at both the box office with five billion dollars and the critics, it left Ryan Reynolds with a couple of broken bones. This wasn’t the first time that the actor had been injured while performing stunts. While shooting Safe House in 2012, Reynolds said that he had cracked two vertebrae. Broken ribs, separated shoulder, and a wrecked disc in the back; he has seen it all. Finally, in 2017, on his seventh visit to the doctor, he passed him a prescription that read ‘Stuntman’.

Now 45 years old, Ryan Reynolds told Variety, “Things start to hurt.” Getting real about his age and the bane that comes with it, he said that after you cross thirty-five, getting thrown in the cement was not funny at all. Reynolds soon realized that taking Advil like cereals would not cut it anymore and that he needed a stuntman.

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The Deadpool actor has always talked about action and physicality in movies with a spark in his eyes. Even after going through all the pain, Ryan says that he will do as many stunts as he can. But if it is something too serious and there will be a trained stuntman present, he might take a step back. While not all, Ryan did most of his stunts in his latest The Adam Project. Check it out on Netflix.

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