“What it’s like to maybe work in the adult industry”: When Ryan Reynolds Revealed What He Felt During ‘Deadpool’ Iconic Naked Fight Scene

“What it’s like to maybe work in the adult industry”: When Ryan Reynolds Revealed What He Felt During ‘Deadpool’ Iconic Naked Fight Scene

Acting is a challenging job. To be the best, one must go above and beyond. Acting requires actors to go to all sorts of lengths to deliver their best performance. Evidently, all the successful actors have done so for the sake of creating art. Well, if we are talking about great actors, one name is likely to cross everyone’s mind and that is Ryan Reynolds, who went fully nude for one scene in Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds has done all sorts of roles in his career ranging from playing a video game character in Free Guy to playing a superhero in Deadpool. The movie had all sorts of crazy, over-the-top and hilarious scenes, and Reynolds was fully committed to it. A testament to his commitment was evident in the nude scene that he shot in the movie. Well, Ryan had some interesting things to say about the scene.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the most popular superhero movies. Furthermore, it is also one of Reynolds’s most successful roles. In an interview prior to the release, Reynolds opened up about shooting the nude scene in the 2016 movie.

You just have a little talk with the crew at the beginning of the day. You say, ‘Guys, you’re gonna see things that you maybe shouldn’t see.‘ I kinda got an idea what it is like to work in an Adult industry. I’m not above taking my clothes off for money, that’s the bottom line” revealed Reynolds on The Ellen Show.

The Free Guy actor jokingly confessed that he had to forewarn the crew before shooting the nude scene in the movie. In case you forgot, Ryan’s nude scene occurs right after Wade Wilson goes through arduous torture done by Ajax and Angel Dust. Apparently, the nude fight scene was a way of paying homage to a scene in the 2007 gangster movie Eastern Promises. In one of the scenes of Eastern Promises, a naked Nikolai (played by Viggo Mortensen) is attacked by a group of men in a sauna.

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Upcoming Deadpool movie

Although there is no specific date, a Deadpool movie is surely on its way. The upcoming sequel of the movie is going to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Moreover, it seems like Ryan Reynolds has started preparing for the role. Furthermore, Reynolds’s trainer Coach Don Saladino posted a picture of the same on his Instagram.

As of now, it seems like Deadpool 3 is a few years away. Let us know your favourite moments from Deadpool.

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