“They wouldn’t be ready” – Timbaland Gives His Idea of How Kanye West Would Have Performed at the Super Bowl, Compares Rapper to Mowtown 25

“They wouldn’t be ready” – Timbaland Gives His Idea of How Kanye West Would Have Performed at the Super Bowl, Compares Rapper to Mowtown 25

It is not just fans that missed Kanye West at the Super Bowl. Fellow artist Timbaland also had his own imagination of how Ye would have performed. Knowing how creative West can be, the expectations are always high. While Rihanna’s performance itself was high on energy, Timbaland actually imagined Ye’s performance to be as good as Mowtown 25.

Super Bowl halftime performances are considered as big as the game itself. While there were reasons behind West’s absence, people still had hopes that he would jump on the stage at any point and elevate the experience of it all in his own way.

How Timbaland compared and imagined Kanye West’s Super Bowl performance

A lot of celebrities distance themselves from Ye because of his controversies, but that does not stop them from praising the rapper. On Valentine’s, rapper Timbaland took to his Instagram story to share his imagination about West’s performance at the Super Bowl. “Dat boy Ye doing the Super Bowl, they wouldn’t be ready,” he captioned the video. He explained that if Ye performed, it would be as grand as the 1983 special Motown 25 show. The rapper reminded fans how serious West can be about all this.

Motown 25 was the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Motown records, which saw a star-studded list of singers, which included Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, etc. It was the highest-viewed performance in America that week. So Timbaland comparing Ye to that iconic performance was quite a huge compliment.

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Now, Timbaland and Ye have been good friends in the past. But Ye has also proved to stand out when it comes to giving iconic performances with his presence. Here is a look at some of his best performances.

Some of the best Kanye West performances in the history

While West probably won’t perform at the Super Bowl in the future, his own concerts are some of the best. His Pablo Tour performance had a floating stage. Coincidentally, Rihanna’s halftime show had the exact stage with clothes similar to one of Ye’s outfits. His N*ggas in Paris at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Jay-Z is still considered one of the best. Adding to that is Ye’s All Day performance during the 2015 BRIT Awards.

While Ye remains one of the much-loved performers, he has become a risk factor for organizers due to his unpredictable outburst. Additionally, was offered to perform during halftime in the past but refused because of less money.

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What do you think of Timbaland’s imagination of Ye’s Super Bowl performance? Comment your thoughts.

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