“They most definitely..” – Yung Joc Once Speculated About What Would Happen to Adidas After Their Split with Kanye West

“They most definitely..” – Yung Joc Once Speculated About What Would Happen to Adidas After Their Split with Kanye West

Yung Joc once predicted how Adidas will not be the same without Kanye West. The collaboration between the brand and the artist proved to be very successful, enjoying nearly a decade of profits for both of them. But after turning a blind eye to Ye’s comments for a long, they were forced to reconsider the partnership.

Speculations about it were in the news for quite some time, until the fashion sports brand announced going separate ways. They ended their decade-long deal with Kanye West. But Yung Joc once described how there will be repercussions of that decision.

What did Yung Joc think would happen after Adidas’ split with Kanye West?

Kanye West is known for having an influence that acts like a magnet for his fans, but seeing him use that influence poorly, many brands cut off their ties with the rapper. Adidas was one of them, and they stand to lose millions. While the brand assured that it will continue manufacturing Yeezy shoes, rapper Yung Joc once told Shawn Pereze during a 2022 interview with VladTV, wherein they discussed the Donda singer and his career, he thinks otherwise.

During the interview, Perez asked Joc what he thinks would happen to Yeezy now that Kanye West is separated from Adidas. “It will die. It will, most definitely will’,” replied the rapper about the brand without any hesitation.

Connecting his answer to his own story, the rapper said how he would wear Adidas before and his mates would disapprove. As per him, adding Kanye West to the brand is what made it acceptable and cool to wear, amongst all kinds of customers. To top it off, the rapper thinks that West was well aware of what was happening, and did what he did intentionally.

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Adidas, on the other hand, was confident about moving on without Ye. They claimed to have rights to the Yeezy design, with a plan to sell it without him. Although that was not an easy ride.

The aftermath of Adidas selling Yeezy

After Adidas broke up with Kanye West, it left them with millions of dollars worth of unsold Yeezy products, with a question of how they could be sold.

Ye, on the other hand, decided to start his own line, selling the pieces at a cheap price. Although he did lose his billionaire status due to the deal ending. Currently, Beyonce is the brand’s new face, as it hopes to cover losses in the near future.

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Do you think Adidas will come out of the loss faced due to the deal? Comment your thoughts.

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