“There’s still this mentality…” – Sarah Michelle Gellar Has an Answer to Why Female-Led Marvel Films Are Not Well Received

“There’s still this mentality…” – Sarah Michelle Gellar Has an Answer to Why Female-Led Marvel Films Are Not Well Received

Many teenage shows come and go. But very few can achieve cult status and continue to be popular years after they went off air. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one such rare show. Sarah Michelle Gellar quickly found fame as the vampire-slaying teen girl. The show went on for multiple seasons until its finale in 2003. Gellar took a hiatus and has only just made her comeback in Wolf Pack.

In a recent interview, the I Know What You Did Last Summer actress talked at length about the audience’s changing tastes. Marvel recently garnered a poor reputation for producing half-baked female-led films. And the actress claims it’s not Marvel’s fault but the audience’s.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar blames people’s backward mentality for failed female-led Marvel movies 

In a chat with The Guardian, Sarah Michelle Gellar discussed the predicament of the Marvel movies featuring female Superheroes. From Captain Marvel to Ms. Marvel, all of them have bombed. She claimed that viewers aren’t welcoming of female superheroes because of this old notion that superheroes are primarily male. 

There’s still this mentality of ‘the male superhero,’ this very backward way of thinking,” she said. The old stereotype has to go for female Superheroes to make a mark on the audience. Marvel did make several attempts, but unfortunately, fans just did not warm up to the idea. Gellar further added that every time the comic book giant tried to thrust a female superhero to the forefront, the audiences have torn it apart. 

The Brie Larson-led film has a 45% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It followed the story of an army pilot gaining cosmic powers in a fatal accident. As for the second one, the Marvel series had only a 6.2 rating on IMDb. It featured a young Muslim girl with superheroes trying to uncover her family secrets.

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In fact, she has felt this change ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer concluded in 2003. The finale of the series was quite divisive when it aired. It featured Buffy saving the world along with a bunch of powerful girls. While the viewers were divided on the finale, the 45-year-old was content with the ending.

Can Marvel get it right with Madame Web? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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