“There is plenty for the original” David Oakes and Lauran Berlin Speak on Vikings: Valhalla Doing Justice to the Vikings Fans and Much More

“There is plenty for the original” David Oakes and Lauran Berlin Speak on Vikings: Valhalla Doing Justice to the Vikings Fans and Much More

Netflix has produced some really great shows in the last few years. But the beauty of the streaming giant is in how they have diversified its original content. They have shows and movies available from all genres. From thrillers to comedies to romance—You name it, and they have it. One such show that was trending as soon as it started streaming was Vikings: Valhalla.

While historically inaccurate, the show does put immense effort into getting the costumes and the whole Viking era setting right. Two of the actors from Vikings: Valhalla talked about the show and its beauty of world building.

David Oakes and Laura Berlin on Vikings: Valhalla

When you are inheriting the fan base of a large established show like Vikings, you do have your concerns about acting well along with living up to the reputation of the previous show.

In an interview, David Oakes, who plays Earl Godwin, the cunning counselor to the English king, and Lauran Berlin, Emma of Normandy, the mighty queen of England, talked about the show and their experience of being part of the vast legacy of the Original Vikings.

While talking about how it felt to play a character in the past without any modern luxuries of a phone. Lauran replied that the whole experience was a “dream come true.” She praised the team behind Vikings: Valhalla for building “amazing sets, and scripting a great story.”

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In the interview, the actors also acknowledged how daunting the task of acting in a show that is a sequel of sorts to a top-rated show is. David Oakes commented that “there is plenty for the original” in the show. And that the showrunner Jeb Stuart did a fantastic job while incorporating the elements of the previous show into the new one.

Why play the Queen of England?

Well, to be honest, who would not like to play one of the most powerful monarchs in history?

However, when asked the same to actress Lauran Berlin, who played Queen Emma in Netflix Original Series Vikings: Valhalla, she said that it was her intelligence that drew Lauran to the role. “What really fascinated me about Emma from the beginning is that she is a strong character. She is so intelligent and very very ambitious,” the actress said.

Lauran feels like the real strength Emma has is her intelligence, which she uses in a non-aggression way.

Both the actors do a tremendous job in playing their respective characters. What did you feel about their acting in Vikings: Valhalla as you streamed the show? Share your thoughts.

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