“There are worse things…”- When Jason Bateman Answered ‘Stereotyping’ Questions Long Before ‘Ozark’

“There are worse things…”- When Jason Bateman Answered ‘Stereotyping’ Questions Long Before ‘Ozark’

As cine-goers, we often come across performances so brilliant that we deem that the actor or actress was born to play the particular role. And witnessing the success and praise that the particular role has brought them, the actors, too, play it safe by giving similar performances again and again until it gets totally washed out or, in rare cases, lucky. Taking a look at Jason Bateman and his early career, the actor was mostly known for his one-liners in sitcoms.

The actor did try to array into other genres, but the audience mostly loved his comic presence. Fast forward to many years later, the actor played an antagonist role and made it his trademark. Given how brilliantly he plays every character and how well he fits into every cinematic universe, the actor has been prone to the dangers of stereotyping more than any other actor has.

Jason Bateman opens up about ‘stereotyping’ in Hollywood

For those of us who have watched Jason Bateman play Marty Byrde, it will be almost comical to watch the actor play any other role. But given the fact that he is the Golden Globes and SAG award-winning actor, Jason Bateman, we know that he is going to nail any role he plays. Back when Bateman was promoting his comedy film Extract in 2009, the actor gave an exclusive to Steve Weintraub.

Around the time that Bateman appeared in this comedy flick, the actor was already well known for his impeccable comic timing in Arrested Development. So it only made sense that Mike Judge hired him to be at the center of affairs in his new comedy flick.

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Everyone was excited to see the magic on screen with Jason Bateman starring alongside Mila Kunis and Ben Affleck. However, many fans questioned if Bateman would be another sad case of being typecast in Hollywood.

When asked about this in an interview, the actor revealed that he has no such fear. “There are worse things than being constantly hired to do anything,” said Bateman wisely. He further went on to say something that even years later is Instagram bio-worthy: “This business is tricky enough to get overly picky, you know?” The actor also said that he will market himself to play other diverse roles.

Therefore, Jason Bateman may have ninety-nine problems, but being stereotyped is not one of them. what do you think about his point of view? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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