“There are some similarities”- Mariah Carey on How She Resonates With Meghan Markle’s Journey

“There are some similarities”- Mariah Carey on How She Resonates With Meghan Markle’s Journey

Meghan Markle is one of the most popular public figures in the world as the Duchess of Sussex. She and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, have been in constant limelight since they cut ties with the House of Windsor and their famous interview with Oprah Winfrey. In an attempt to reinvent and show the world her real self, Meghan Markle started a Spotify Podcast called Archetypes.

In the weekly show that premiered on August 23, Meghan aims to explore, analyze, and possibly overturn the cultural and societal barriers that women face. With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the Duchess has pressed pause on her show. But just a week before the tragic news, the beloved singer Mariah Carey appeared on her podcast and has only good things to say about the host since.

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Let us find out how the Always Be By Baby artist would describe her experience on the audio show in her own words.

Mariah Carey believes she and Meghan Markle have had comparable paths in life

On the silver jubilee of her 1997 album Butterfly, the “Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey did a candid interview with Variety. Among several fascinating topics and walks down memory lane, the singer and songwriter also shared her experience with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. On August 30, Carey appeared on the second episode of Meghan’s Podcast Archetype, called The Duality of the Diva. 

The two powerful women spoke about how the term ‘Diva’ can have a negative connotation, especially when it is coupled with the word ‘Difficult’. Carey thoroughly enjoyed the Podcast with Meghan, particularly “getting her take on things.” Drawing parallels between her own life and Meghan’s, Mariah shared,

She’s had her journey and I’ve had mine. There are some similarities, like being biracial.

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For Carey, the experience of being a biracial woman is very close to her heart. That was one common thread between them and what made the podcast even more fascinating. Mariah even addressed the “many misconceptions” that surround her. She even mentioned this as another link she shares with Meghan Markle.

Did you listen to Meghan Markle’s Podcast with Mariah Carey? Tell us your thought about it in the comments. And if you are a fan of The Crown, just like Mariah, you can catch all the seasons streaming on Netflix.

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