“Their faces fall…” – Ryan Gosling Describes the Hilarious Story of Fans Mistaking Him for Ryan Reynolds

“Their faces fall…” – Ryan Gosling Describes the Hilarious Story of Fans Mistaking Him for Ryan Reynolds

While Ryan Gosling has a huge fanbase, some of them are disappointed upon realizing that he’s not Ryan Reynolds. Both stars are undeniably the most liked celebrities in the industry. They are known not only for their acting skills but also for their charming looks and personality. But even the industry has several cases of lookalikes and similar names, so Gosling and Reynolds being mistaken for one another is nothing out of ordinary.

The Ted actor won the Sexiest Man Alive tag by People magazine in 2010. On the other hand, the Notebook actor is said to have denied the same for the 2011 edition of the magazine. Needless to say, both actors have a sizeable fanbase and yet are often mistaken for one another. Gosling once shared one such incident.

Ryan Gosling explained how he has been mistaken for Ryan Reynolds multiple times

Ryan Reynolds is so famous, his fans seem to see him everywhere and also wish to meet him once. This excitement has often resulted in Gosling being mistaken for the Free Guy actor several times in the streets of New York City. “Sometimes they’ll take a picture with me and then they’ll look at it, and I’ll see their faces fall and they realize when they look at the picture, that’s not Ryan Reynolds,” revealed Gosling to E! News during a 2011 interview.

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He jokingly explained how a fan once approached him, realized he lost muscles and wondered if he was looking unattractive for a movie role. But Gosling himself is quite fit as seen in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. All this confusion because fans couldn’t differentiate between the two Canadian actors.

Why do fans confuse the two Ryans?

The confusion likely comes from the similarity in their first names. A lot of fans even seem to think that the two Ryans are related because of their similar names. To add to it, both of them were born and raised in Canada. But while Reynolds has dark brown hair, Gosling is a natural blonde, something the Green Lantern actor clarified in an explicit tweet back in 2015. Another similarity is both are known for their romantic and funny roles.

To add to it, both the celebrities have been blessed with daughters and committed to actresses Eva Mendes and Blake Lively. The 46-year-old and the 42-year-old are still very active in their career with movies queued up. Reynolds has Deadpool 3 and Imaginary Friends coming up, while Gosling will be seen in the colorful world of Barbie.

Have you ever been confused between the two actors? Comment your thoughts.

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