‘The Witcher’ Producers Teases “pretty tasty stuff” Ahead of Its Season 3 Release

‘The Witcher’ Producers Teases “pretty tasty stuff” Ahead of Its Season 3 Release

The anticipation is high and elder blood is running in each of the Witcherverse fans as The Witcher season 3 will potentially bring the lore of medieval mayhem this summer. It will unfortunately be the last season to star Henry Cavill as the fan-favorite white wolf. However, given the many promises the producers and showrunner Lauren Hissrich have made, the excitement seems to be at its peak.

Hissrich has notably made it clear to the huge fandom of the Netflix fantasy series that Henry Cavill’s see-off will be no short of grandiose. And although we did not have many updates ever since the season reached its production stage, The Witcher‘s VFX Supervisor Sébastien Francoeur, and producer Graeme Marshall, recently had a word with Screenrant where they teased content like never before.

They informed that they are in the “throes” of delivering the last few episodes before teasing that season 3 will be truly happening. They are apparently bringing something that no one has ever witnessed in the Netflix fantasy series. Furthermore, the VFX Supervisor and producer also suggested that “some pretty tasty stuff” is coming up in fans’ way. And by pretty tasty stuff, the producers probably mean some new monsters– both big and small- coming up your way. “We have] a pretty short sequence with a nice creature, but we have a longer one with a big creature, also, that’s cool,” the producer told the outlet.

Sébastien Francoeur and Graeme Marshall on creative license for The Witcher and staying true to the books

While one of the major reasons for Henry Cavill’s exit from his favorite show was their diversion from the source material. The producer assured in the interview that the series is very much honest to its source material, “true to the realm, true to the Witcher.“

Credits: Imago

Talking further about the inspiration from the games, the speakers confirmed that they do not follow what happened in the games. Although it is a part of the lore, it is very much a branch of it. They also maintained that the show is different from the books and the games in the way it allows its characters to explore different dimensions and storylines.

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What are your thoughts about this, though? Are you excited about some pretty tasty stuff in the name of The Witcher season 3? Do let us know in the comments below.

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