Henry Cavill “Annoyed” Schmidt Hissrich to Land in ‘The Witcher’ When the Show Wasn’t Even Written

Henry Cavill “Annoyed” Schmidt Hissrich to Land in ‘The Witcher’ When the Show Wasn’t Even Written

It has been months since Henry Cavill bid farewell to the iconic role of Geralt of Rivia. The decision was one of the biggest shockers for both the fans of the show as well as the actor. And even though Liam Hemsworth has taken over now, fans are still sour about the fact that the show let Cavill leave. Apart from the fact that the British star flawlessly portrayed the character, he was also in awe of The Witcher franchise. Cavill’s love for The Witcher video games and novels knows no bounds and interestingly the actor left no stone unturned to bag the Geralt’s role.

Owing to huge star Cavill is, many directors want to cast him in their movies. And naturally a lot of roles come his way. However, for the role of Geralt of Rivia, the British star went all in. Apparently, he was continuously behind his agents to arrange a meeting with director Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

Interestingly, Hissrich had not started with the writing and did not see any point meeting the Enola Holmes star. However, as determined as Cavill was, the director could not refuse him for long. After repeated requests from the actor, she finally agreed to sit down for a meeting. As per the Vulture Hissrich revealed, “He was really annoying” at that time.

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Over the next few months, the director-creator worked out the script for the show. It might surprise you to know but almost 206 other actors were taken in consideration to play the part. However, Cavill’s knowledge about the source material always gave him an upper hand. Interestingly, Cavill revealed how he constantly annoyed his agents as well. Furthermore, as surprising as it sounds, the actor spent most of his free time on set with a sword. All this just goes on to prove how focused Cavill was to land himself a role in the fantasy show.

The inner geek seems to take Cavill to one video game franchise to another, for the actor may appear in an adaption of a popular video game, following his exit from The Witcher.

After The Witcher, Henry Cavill to star in another major video game project?

Henry Cavill as we all know is no stranger to playing roles in various popular franchises. Apart from an upcoming Warhammer project on Amazon Prime, it seems like the British actor might be gearing up for another role. As per reports by GiantFreakinRobot, we might get a chance to witness the Enola Holmes star in a Call of Duty movie. Apparently, he will star as Captain John Price in the film. Apart from that, there is not much information about the same.

Henry Cavill at Tokyo International Airport
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This comes in the heel of all the projects Cavill is already a part of. At present, he is working with Amazon on Warhammer adaptation, with Guy Ritchie for The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, with Matthew Vaughn for Argylle. All this while, he is reportedly approached for the role of Frankenstein and an unnamed role in the Avatar franchise.

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