The Welcoming Rise Of Women-Centric Movies And Shows On Netflix

The Welcoming Rise Of Women-Centric Movies And Shows On Netflix

It is the 21st century, and women are finally getting all the recognition and platforms to show what they got. While cinema has always been a medium to spread a message, as Plato said, it is a mere image of society. So with society making progress in empowering females, cinema is doing that as well. Netflix is no exception. There are plenty of movies and shows on the platform that revolves around female characters. So let’s just meet all these Netflix women.

We all crave a great female character. It is like a necessity for a good movie, show, or plot; but we certainly don’t get enough of such characters. There are a decent number of shows and movies on Netflix which have some of the most fascinating and powerful female characters. Here are some of the women-centric shows and movies that you can watch and fall in love with.

My Name

The Korean drama My Name revolving around the themes of justice, revenge, and struggle to survive is a treat to watch majorly for the power lead character Ji-Woo (played by Han So-hee). Following the death of her father at the hands of a masked goon in front of her; Ji-Woo is left with no choice but to try surviving on her own, and she does exactly that.

But she is rescued by a kingpin named Choi Mu-jin and is trained as a fighter in his gym. The struggle Ji-Woo goes through is real; you can see her drive to fight and avenge his father’s death in each and every scene. She joins the police as a Trojan horse for Mu-jin, but the rage she has is way too much to contain for either side.


Maid takes inspiration from the New York Times best-selling memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive written by Stephanie Land. The show follows a single mother, Alex, while she struggles to barely make the ends meet and make sure she and her daughter survive in this harsh world. Following her divorce, going homeless, and much more.

Maid makes us understand to what extent can a mother go to make sure her child is safe. With occasional laughs and reality checks, Maid lets you see the world through a single mother’s eyes; and also helps you understand the grit and resilience of a woman. Alex is for sure on the list of the strongest Netflix Women.


Halle Berry stars as an MMA fighter in the movie Bruised, and damn she is looking as amazing as ever. A fighter in real life, Berry is going to appear as one too; playing the role of Jackie Justice. The movie follows Jackie, a fighter who has left the octagon for better and is living her life scrubbing toilets and barely surviving.

But it all changes when she has to take care of a kid, and she also makes a return to the ring in order to prove herself. Exploring the complications and struggles a black woman has to go through post-retirement; this movie will give a large group of the society something to finally connect with. Halle Berry, while talking about the movie, said “I loved it because fighting is something that I just know so much about on a personal level and on a career level. I understand what it is to fight and not be heard.”


Kate follows a young assassin named Kate, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Fostered by the gangster and her boss ever since she was a young girl, Kate violates her moral code when she has to kill a man in the presence of a child; disturbed by all this, she left the killing business after one last mission.

But she is poisoned right before she finishes the job and is left with only one day to live. She spends the last day fighting, killing, and trying to find the man behind all this; and also protects the same child who witnessed the murder Kate committed. A story of turmoil, betrayal, and moral codes; Kate is a must-watch.

The Lost Daughter

Based on the novel of the same name written by Elena Ferrante, The Lost Daughter is a psychological thriller that follows a woman who is fixated on a mother-daughter duo she saw on the beach. While observing the duo, she reminisces about her early motherhood and all the mistakes she made during that time of her life.

The movie stars a plethora of talented actors and actresses; which include but are not limited to Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Paul Mescal.

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