Is Jackie Justice From Halle Berry’s Bruised a Real Person?

Is Jackie Justice From Halle Berry’s Bruised a Real Person?

Fighting is something that can never be taken away from Halle Berry. She is a powerful voice in general. Be struggling for movie roles, victims of domestic violence, or something else, the Academy Award Winner has been a fighter for her whole life. Now, she is ready to appear as one too, starring in a sports drama titled “Bruised.” The film will hit Netflix on November 24.

The 55-year-old actress is making her directorial debut with this project. Popularly known for her stunning red-carpet looks, Berry has undergone a drastic transformation as she plays an MMA fighter in this upcoming Netflix movie. But is the character based on an actual person or is it all just fiction?

Bruised: Trailer

On October 14, Netflix released a full-length trailer for Bruised. The trailer looks really very interesting and will definitely make you want to watch the movie this Thanksgiving. Starring Halle Berry, Shamier Anderson, Adan Canto, Sheila Atim, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and UFC women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko; the movie explores the complications and struggles Jackie Justice goes through after her retirement from fighting.

What is the movie about?

Bruised is about MMA fighter Jackie Justice, and her struggle to keep herself together. Jackie is a middle-aged black woman who scrubs toilets to make ends meet. Her troubles worsen when she has to look after a kid, too.

The trailer lets us have a sight of Berry sporting worn-out clothes and dark circles, and she is looking absolutely phenomenal. “I loved it because fighting is something that I just know so much about on a personal level and on a career level. I understand what it is to fight and not be heard,” Berry said.

Is Jackie Justice a real person?

A question that may arise among the fans centers around whether Jackie is a real person. Well, sadly, she is not. The entire story is a fictional piece of art, but that does not mean that it has no real elements. The struggles that are shown in the movie are similar to what many people go through in their life.

A story of the trials that a once glorious MMA fighter goes through, Bruised should definitely be on your watch list for the upcoming month.

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