The ‘Wednesday’ Fever Reaching New Heights as the Netflix Show Tops the Streaming Week Again

The ‘Wednesday’ Fever Reaching New Heights as the Netflix Show Tops the Streaming Week Again

Wednesday is already ranking as the second most viewed show on Netflix. With its crisp story, sharp dark humor, and apt star cast, the show has made a home in the hearts of most of the streaming giant’s viewers. The majority of people have watched it twice just to get a glimpse of the show’s detailing and picturization.

Even though HBO Max’s show did not make it to the top 5, this has been the best week for the platform HBO Max. The platform has been able to get some mileage from its shows and films too. But Netflix steals the show with its chart-topping Wednesday.

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Which shows did ‘Wednesday’ outnumber?

After making it to the top with 16.8 billion minutes in the four weeks of its release, Wednesday is just a few billion views away from outranking Stranger Things on Netflix. These shows prove that the platform still has a lot of potential to attract viewers with its original content.

The show not only streamed at the top of the streaming week but also left some of Netflix’s strong contenders behind. Another Netflix original that is in line is one of Netflix’s strengths, its documentaries, and the one ranking below Wednesday is the documentary Harry & Meghan, which streamed for more than 1.69 billion minutes this week.


Next in the line is a children’s show on Netflix called CoComelon with 959 million minutes, followed by NCIS with 941 million minutes and The Recruit with 95 million minutes. According to Seeking Alpha, HBO’s The White Lotus which was viewed for a total of 902 million minutes.

It was inevitable for Wednesday to rank at the top as it entertains people from all demographics. Not to mention just the TikTok of Wednesday’s dance on “Bloody Mary” got more than 1.5 Billion views on TikTok. With the announcement for its second season, the show is on its way to setting new records for viewership.

Although the first season of the show left fans on a happy note, it also clearly left an open end for the fans to make sure they return for the next season. Let’s hope season two of the show gets released soon and breaks more records than the previous one.

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Do you think Wednesday will continue breaking records in the coming future?

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