Jenna Ortega Is Like Kanye West? Fans Defend ‘Wednesday’ Actress Amid Anti-Semitism Claims

Jenna Ortega Is Like Kanye West? Fans Defend ‘Wednesday’ Actress Amid Anti-Semitism Claims

Jenna Ortega is the newest obsession of fans who have been sharing their love for her via viral TikTok videos and imitations of the dance. The young actress took the world by storm the moment she stepped in as the deadpan teenager in the Addams Family spin-off series Wednesday. People on social media have made it evident that their life revolves around the Scream queen. You might remember how they went crazy after a Twitter user joked about Pete Davidson’s unpredictable dating life.

All the Ortega fans instantly came in defense, asking the comedian to stay away from their beloved celebrity. Even they bluntly warned him to not make her the next target of his charms that had already captured many beauties of the industry. And just when that battle started to cool down, this iconic incarnation of Wednesday is once again stuck in a much unlikely controversy with Kanye West. However, there is nothing to worry about as fans stand strong beside Ortega amidst antisemitic claims.

Jenna Ortega gets the support of fans amidst Kanye West’s antisemitic tirade

According to the latest movements on Twitter, viral screenshots from an article by The Times of Israel are taking people’s attention. “Jenna Ortega vs. Kanye: Whose antisemitic hate is worse?” read the featured title. The claims made by the website on Jenna Ortega have left fans enraged.

Since the article compares the 20-year-old star with Kanye West, whose constant prodding and hate speech made millions angry. The world knows how Ye’s antisemitic remarks and praise for Hitler have repeatedly wounded Jewish people. So fans believe that comparing the infamous musician with this young girl is a big mistake.

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For your information about the whole chaos, this all started with The Fallout star posting a tweet in early 2022. The American actress used her platform to bring awareness to the Palestinian cause, which this media house picked.

According to them, the website that she tagged is promoting “extremist propaganda,” and it is against Jewish people. “The problem is that, like millions of other well-meaning Americans, she has no real understanding of antisemitism and therefore is unlikely to recognize it in at least some of its forms,” the writer said.

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Meanwhile, fans are in no mood to see their queen fall, and they find the article appalling. Many of them are taking a stand for the actor sharing tweets criticizing it.

What do you think? Is the young star being dragged to this Kanye West tirade? Tell us your views in the comments!

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