The True Price of Freedom: Here’s the Ending of Silverton Siege EXPLAINED

The True Price of Freedom: Here’s the Ending of Silverton Siege EXPLAINED

Silverton Siege, Netflix’s latest Afrikaans-English bilingual project, is one that makes its viewers think. While the film doesn’t necessarily tread on historical accuracy, it does deliver the message it was supposed to. We watch three characters do all in their power to ensure Nelson Mandela is released from jail as Apartheid sentiments peaked in the country of South Africa. However, amidst the action, fans found themselves confused about many a thing, here’s the ending of Silverton Siege explained in the simplest way possible.

Failed missions and plans that went awry

For the first half of the Netflix film, fans are wondering who the mole in the group is. Before the trio ends up holding the bank hostage, their aim was to sabotage an oil refinery. However, they found that the police were waiting for them when they arrived at the scene. As they attempt to flee, the group of 4 loses a member as Masego, Terry’s boyfriend as the police shoot him. As she grieves the death of her partner, she is also determined to find the informant who tipped off the police.

Calvin, on the other hand, does not want to cause any loss. The activists must ensure that their mission stays true to its purpose right until the end. The aim of the siege was to deliver a political message and get Nelson Mandela out of prison. All of this must take place without causing any casualties or stealing from the bank. Christine, the daughter of a minister and a worker at the bank, helps the trio.

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What happened at the end of Silverton Siege?

After a sniper shoots Christine, rendering her dead right away, Calvin cannot help but reconsider his choices. By this time, Terra has also discovered that Aldo was the informer and kills him as well. But, after the SWAT team storms the place, the violence that takes place goes against the group’s very foundational values. Calvin and Terra release the hostages, while Mandela is still in prison. In the very last scene of the Netflix Original, we see both the activists walk out the front door as the police wait for them. We hear gunshots in the background as they both embrace their death, becoming martyrs.

The group failed to get Nelson Mandela out of prison. However, the actions and subsequent death of the activists left South Africa in a state of political turmoil. It provided the country with a fire known as the “Free Mandela” movement. Mandela’s release did not take place until a decade after the events of the Silverton Siege. Nonetheless, South Africa would have been in a very different state than it now is, had the trio not sacrificed themselves to this cause.

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Silverton Siege is available for streaming on Netflix.

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