The Tinder Swindler Wants Women To Fall In Love With Him in a Show He May Potentially Star In

The Tinder Swindler Wants Women To Fall In Love With Him in a Show He May Potentially Star In

People on dating apps usually find love and companionship. Well, it could not be true for everyone. Simon Leviev swindled million dollars on Tinder! And now the fraudster has his eyes on a bigger picture. The face of Netflix’s brand new documentary, The Tinder Swindler, could soon swipe right on extensive estates. Wait, wait, we are getting you right into it, taking all your confusion away.

By now, you might already be knowing who Simon Leviev is. But, just in case you are not aware, he is the fraudster who made millions of dollars post winning the hearts of many women. Apparently, the man would introduce himself as the son of some diamond business-owning billionaire. Once the women get entirely entwined in the gradual illusion of his love, he would send them life-threatening photos. A small part of his big master-plan. Finally, he would ask for money. And not a few dollars, but a huge amount!

Soon after his cons, he was arrested in June 2018 for 15 months but was released earlier than his tenure. Now, he is setting his sight on Hollywood. And we are eager to tell you all about it.

The Tinder Swindler wants to have a show of his own!

As per TMZ, Leviev is looking to clear the defame he invited, by breaking out in Hollywood. Ironically, the Swindler who robbed $10 million from women who were blindly in love with him wants women to fall in love with him yet again. Just this time, it will be for the good.

Reportedly, Simon has already signed with much talented Gina Rodriguez and Gitoni Inc. to produce a dating show, write a book, and host a podcast. Their plans to parlay his newfound fame through the Netflix documentary to a profitable entertainment career are surely big. Talking about the show, he wants to star in this drama where women will compete for his love.

Further, in his podcast, this love guru has plans to talk about potential do’s and don’ts on dating. However, Simon Leviev was banned from all the dating apps, following the allegations. He also deleted his Instagram handle later on. But he may now be trending on TikTok according to The Independent. Some tiktokers believe he is active under the handle @simon_leviev_official, which has over 169,000 followers. Although the account isn’t verified till now, and may also be fake.

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Nevertheless, we may soon see him on some dating show, if supported. Do let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on the Tinder Swindler’s newly planned journey.

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