The Queen of Recycling, Kate Middleton Clads another Decade Old Favourite to Latest Royal Engagement

The Queen of Recycling, Kate Middleton Clads another Decade Old Favourite to Latest Royal Engagement

Kate Middleton is the perfect Queen in waiting for Britain’s throne, or so the reports say. Throughout the last decade, the Princess of Wales has given her entire life to the service of the Monarchy and does not hesitate to continue with the same to date. With her impeccable style and aura, Kate Middleton makes an equally sensible woman of the family. 

From being an ideal daughter-in-law to being a responsible wife walking shoulder to shoulder with the future King, she has done it all. However, what has been her core value is to never take the Royal possessions for granted. Although the Princess has no such obligations towards the Monarchy, she makes sure all her belongings are lived up to their value. The same reflects in the practice of recycling her clothes on various occasions. 

Kate Middleton has some severe attachment issues with her favorite jacket 

Kate Middleton utilizes her wardrobe to its fullest. She has repeated her precious outfits on various occasions and continues to do so to date. In her latest appearance but virtual, the Princess of Wales, 41, uploaded a video with U.K radio host Roman Kemp. As reported by People magazine, Middleton was engaged in conversation about how tough it has become to raise the kids in current times. In the same video, the Princess was seen clad in a warm “Darwin” Jacket by L.K Bennett. 

The same piece has been her favorite for over a decade. The mother of three was first seen wearing it in early 2011. Ever since she has donned the classic coat on various occasions. After the first appearance, Middleton wore the jacket in the following year, in 2012. She was snapped taking her dog Lupo on a walk in the same brown overcoat. 

Next, in 2013, she once again donned her favorite during a family vacation to Switzerland. Some outfits are hard to part with. Although we the commoners can very well relate to it, no one thought a Princess would have the same attachment issues. Seeing it again after ages proves that it is definitely a top winter favorite for the Princess. 

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What are your opinions about the years apart Wardrobe recycling by the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton? How do you like the jacket? Let us know in the comments. 

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