Mother of Three, Kate Middleton Breaks Down The Challenges Faced in Raising Kids Following Her Latest ‘Shaping Us’ Campaign

Mother of Three, Kate Middleton Breaks Down The Challenges Faced in Raising Kids Following Her Latest ‘Shaping Us’ Campaign

Despite the ongoing rampant adversities and the fuss revolving around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Kate Middleton has her priorities set. Often receiving praise and applause for her strong will towards pursuing her objectives, the Princess of Wales has perhaps learned to keep the everyday drama aside and focus on the betterment of children who are truly in need of well-thought initiatives.

Furthermore, we all know the fact that Prince William’s wife and the mother of three has deep affection towards children. The Duchess of Cambridge has often raised her voice about mental health issues and how it is equally important to ponder upon children’s mental health now more than ever. Owning to her lifelong experiences, Kate Middleton perhaps understands the significance of the early childhood phase and never misses a chance to talk and spread awareness about it. And she does the same yet again.

Kate Middleton talks about child mental health issues and her new campaign, Shaping Us

Having been working on infants’ mental health issues, the Princess of Wales has often addressed a plethora of public gatherings. However, the beginning of 2023 was pivotal, as it marked the initiation of the Shaping Us campaign via her royal NGO. Following this, she recently talked in depth about its objectives to radio host Roman Kemp where she asserted her campaign is not about pressurizing families but helping them re-prioritize “family life, home life and all that it takes in raising children today because it is tough.”

She further asserted that the environment they are raised in and the surrounding relationships affect their psyche a lot in the long term. Kate Middleton, who earlier released an open letter on similar lines added that parenting is not about the number of toys or trips but the right amount of “emotional support around them, and that comes from the adults in their lives.” 

When Kemp nodded in agreement, confessing he is grateful to grow up with the right amount of warmth and asserting that it has to be more normal, the royal princess acknowledged him. Well, she certainly is putting a great effort into her “life’s work.”

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