The Professor and Sierra in Money Heist – a Story Untold

The Professor and Sierra in Money Heist – a Story Untold

A police officer in charge of the heist and sabotaging the Professor’s plans who somehow ends up helping him is a trope the creators of Money Heist have pulled off twice. The budding romance/ negotiation relationship between Raquel Murillo and the Professor ended up changing the former’s life completely. But, as evident from the following video, that relationship was nowhere near as intense as the one between Alicia Sierra and the Professor.

How did it begin?

The first time Netflix acquainted us with Alicia Sierra, she was torturing a member of the gang. And it wasn’t just any member—it was Rio that had fallen into her hands. With Rio being as young and vulnerable as he is, fans had always adored him. The woman showed no mercy and no moral compass. She tortured him for months without end. Though Alicia Sierra was very interesting, her unpredictability and lack of moral code made her a tough competitor to the Professor.

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Despite their mutual dislike for each other, the two knew they were equals and treated each other accordingly. Unlike with Murillo, the negotiations between the Professor and Sierra were not always in favor of the former. The Professor had a severe contempt against Sierra for her treatment of Rio and then later for having allegedly ordered Lisbon’s execution. Sierra, on the other hand, had no personal grudges against the mastermind. However, she had taken to the heist as a coping mechanism after her husband’s death and was too invested to give it up.

The building of mutual respect between the Professor and Sierra

One of the finest scenes of the final seasons of Money Heist was the one when Tamayo declared Marshall Law. The Professor and Alicia Sierra’s escape was nothing short of astounding. The two, though initially reluctant, showed great camaraderie and managed to help each other. This time was a defining moment in the relationship between two of the most intriguing characters of the Netflix Original.

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After this, Sierra opened up to the Professor about her grief following her husband’s death. The two then had a stable alliance that helped the heist in more ways than one can count. The Professor trusted Sierra with finding the gold after he decided to turn himself in. This shows the respect and admiration he has for her and the trust the two have come to develop.

During the finale of the series, Alicia Sierra parted ways with the Professor and Lisbon, her former coworker. Despite the many ups and downs they had, this relationship was definitely one of the most intriguing parts of the series.

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All Money Heist seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

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