Best Money Heist Episodes to Re-Watch

Best Money Heist Episodes to Re-Watch

An excellent show always stands out because of its characters and number of outstanding episodes, which can blow the mind of the viewers. Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel has so many thrilling episodes which stand out from other episodes. Let us find out the best episodes from Netflix’s Money Heist.

The Spanish heist show follows around a bunch of thieves, locking themselves in and robbing the Royal Mint of Spain. Professor manipulates the police to carry out his plan. The show was intended as a two-season limited series. However, because of its popularity, Netflix renewed it for another three seasons set around the Bank of Spain heist.

Both of the heist plans were a master stroke devised and perfected over many years.

Do As Planned

Do As Planned is the first episode of the 1st season. After months of training and preparation, finally, the thieves attacked the Royal Mint of Spain. Raquel Murillo was the hostage negotiator who make the initial contact with the Professor. Out of the bunch of hostages, the main hostage is Alison Parker, who is a crucial part of the Professor’s plan.

Bye Beautiful

Bye Beautiful is the fifteenth episode of Season 1. After a long heist, the police became impatient are storm into the Royal Mint. Will they be able to save the hostages?


The Head of the Plan

This is the eleventh episode from Season 1. In this episode, Tokyo was captured by the Police. Inside the Royal Mint, Berlin’s leadership is being questioned by other thieves. In this episode, Nairobi took over from Berlin and said, “let the matriarchy begin.”

What Have We Done?

This is the fourth episode of Season 2. Raquel captures Professor in the villa and interrogates him, but the Professor confesses his love towards her. Tokyo is freed from the prison and rides a motorcycle directly into the Royal Mint. The police shot Moscow as he opens the door for Tokyo.

The Red Boxes

This is the fifth episode from Season 3, where forces from outside the bank were about to break in. The thieves find the red boxes filled with government secrets and Denver carries them out into the open and waves a white flag. Tamayo realized what the boxes were and ordered Sierra and stop the assault.

Berlin’s Wedding

This is the second episode from Season 4. With Nairobi injured, Tokyo was in charge of the heist. Palermo tries to get out of the bank from the main door, but is quickly chained to a chair by the gang. Raquel was in police custody and interrogated by Sierra. In flashbacks, the Professor, Bogota, and Marseille are enjoying Berlin and Tatiana’s wedding. However, Professor expresses his concerns about Berlin about marrying with such an illness.

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Live Many Lives

This is the fifth episode of Season 5. In flashback, it was shown how the Professor recruited Tokyo after Tokyo’s boyfriend was shot during a heist. To take Sagasta’s team down, Tokyo allows them to shoot her before detonating the grenades to blow them all together.

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