Money Heist Spoilers – Send This to Your Friends Who Are Yet to Watch the Final Volume

Money Heist Spoilers – Send This to Your Friends Who Are Yet to Watch the Final Volume

After four years, the Money Heist saga ended. The final episodes of Money Heist Season 5 are now streaming on Netflix. Go watch it, if you don’t want any spoilers.

Following Money Heist Season 5 part 1, the gang has lost two of their most powerful members–Nairobi played by Alba Flores, and Tokyo played by Ursula Corbero. Hence, fans were apprehensive about who else would fall in the final five episodes. There were multiple deaths that took the wind out of our sails.

Viewers have given their fan theory about the show will be over and who will survive till the end. Let’s see how many of them were on point.

Money Heist spoilers alert

After Tokyo died, fans and the characters themselves have a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The Professor has a mental breakdown for a moment, giving Alicia an opportunity to run away with her newborn daughter. Tokyo’s act of self-sacrifice killed the entire military team. However, Sagasta, Arteche, and another man survive. They seek to deceive the gang and let law enforcement break-in.

The makers left us with a cliff-hanger at the end of the eighth episode. This came after multiple shockers in episodes 6, 7, and 8. Not wishing to see any more bloodshed, the Professor demanded his team to surrender. However, Berlin’s son Rafael impersonated the police and stole the gold from the Storm-water tank.

Because of Sagasta’s plan, the force strategically comes inside the Bank of Spain and captures every single Dali member. Hence Professor decides to sacrifice himself and play his cards from inside the bank.

Tamayo doesn’t believe that another team of thieves has swiped the gold ingots. After a series of tense events, he holds a press conference where he announces the Dali gang is executed. In this presser, he even restores the stock market that had crashed once the news of the gold reserve missing went public.


In the end, Rafael shares the gold with his uncle and every member, including The Professor, Rio, Denver, Stockholm, Lisbon, Manila, Helsinki, Palermo, and Bogotá.

So what gold did Professor hand over to the bank of Spain?

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