“The prettiest pop girlie” – Fans Go Gaga as Katy Perry Looks Dazzling for the Brand New ‘American Idol’ Season 21

“The prettiest pop girlie” – Fans Go Gaga as Katy Perry Looks Dazzling for the Brand New ‘American Idol’ Season 21

One thing people love about any artist apart from their art is their style and fashion. Especially if the artist is female, she has plenty of options to style herself. Recently, a dazzling look of Katy Perry on American Idol season 21, made fans go gaga over the pop singer.

American Idol has given the world many singers and the 21st season coming up explains how much people love the show. However, the judges of the show always surprise their fans with amazingly beautiful styles. And this time, the fans loved the artist’s art of styling herself. Fans went crazy over the beautiful angel-like makeup and the pink corset of the Firework singer.

The pop singer has always dazzled her fans with her glamorous style. And this time is no exception. Apart from Katy Perry, on the judge’s panel, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan will also be there. With the host, Ryan Seacrest, the show will premiere on the 19th of February, 2023. Fans were waiting for the show to return for a long time now. And finally, they will see the musical fight between the nicest singers on the show.

Though the fans are waiting for the 19th of February to come as quickly as possible, they couldn’t stop praising the 38-year-old singer as they saw her in a beautiful dress with the prettiest smile.

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Katy Perry dazzled her fans with her angel-like look

Before the 21st season of American Idol lands, people saw the latest pictures of the ‘Roar’ singer, and the fandom couldn’t stop praising her looks. They called her “the prettiest pop girlie” and “queen of pop”, too. While others appreciated the artist who did her hair and makeup.

While fans can not stop praising her, others said they missed the star. While some mentioned Perry deserved this comeback, others confessed that they would watch the show just for her.

Did you like the look of the pop star? Are you also a Ketty Perry fan? Share your thoughts with us while listening to her on Spotify.

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