DESPERATE! Fans Call-out Katy Perry for Making THIS Wild Confessions About Billie Eilish

DESPERATE! Fans Call-out Katy Perry for Making THIS Wild Confessions About Billie Eilish

When they say it is not your struggle and the process but only success and the result that attracts the masses, they are not wrong. And right now, the pop culture sensation Billie Eilish would perhaps be a perfect example. Although Eilish is now an accomplished artist, she was once a random singer trying to get her songs published. And do you know who the one that got away was? None other than the ‘Queen of Camp,’ Katy Perry.

The 38-year-old American singer and songwriter is currently making it to the headlines after sharing how she declined to work with the Bury a Friend singer when Perry was enjoying the peak time, and Eilish was struggling to kick-start her career. Apparently, a new viral TikTok by 102.7 KIIS FM saw the Never Really Over singer confessing that she made a “huge mistake” declining to work with the then-new blonde artist. And ever since, fans are calling her out.

Katy Perry calls declining the offer to work with Billie Eilish a ‘huge mistake’

“It was a song called ‘ocean eyes’…” the only female to win Billboard Music Award recently shared (per the TikTok video)how she declined the offer to work with Billie Eilish on her debutant song, in what appeared to be a concert. Furthermore, she called it a “huge mistake.” Seemingly, the American Idol judge regrets bespeaking it as “meh, boring.” Now, the internet is weighing in on it all.

While some call her ‘desperate,’ others come to rescue her by asserting that she was just making a joke. Or perhaps sharing an experience. You can have a look at a few of the fans’ comments below:

Another user explains the two are good friends (pretty much evident from Eilsh’s documentary), and Perry was just making a joke about how things could have turned out if she had the foresight to foresee the future of the now 7 time Grammy Award winner.

Another one points out how Perry was also “just a blonde girl” once

Well, this banter just goes on… You can have a look at many other comments and fan reactions or even engage yourself here.

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Which side are you on, though? Feel free to share your views in the comments below.

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