What is the Origin of Army of Thieves and It’s Connection With Army of the Dead

What is the Origin of Army of Thieves and It’s Connection With Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead and Matthias Schweighöfer’s Army of Thieves have now created a sort of a universe of its own. Both of these movies have got the fans really very excited; Netflix announced the prequel of the first movie back in September. The fans religiously waited for the movie to show up. While the film did make its way on Netflix this past month, fans are still asking how is Army of Thieves connection with Army of the Dead is justified. Netflix got Zack Snyder and Matthias Schweighöfer to answer this question themselves.

The is one more question that has intrigued the viewers. Which is, how did Snyder come with the idea to create a prequel movie centered around the character of Ludwig Dieter? Of course, the director duo found some time to answer this for the fans. So sit tight, and grab on your hearts even tighter as the thieves are here to do the stealing.

Army of Thieves connection with Army of the Dead

Well, if pay a little attention to both the movies, you will realize that both of the movies are probably running right alongside each other. In the movie Army of Thieves, we witness the fall of the city of Las Vegas; which is the exact same thing that we see in the title sequence of Army of the Dead. While Sin City falls to the attack of zombies, we see our group of thieves doing their safe-cracking somewhere in Germany.

Director Matthias Schweighöfer talks about the legendary Ring Cycle and the four different safes made by a locksmith named Hans Wagner; who is kind of a God for his character Ludwig Dieter. Matthias very adorably explains how all these safes are connected to each other, “You know what this is like a family of safes guiding us through, you know, the lost friend somewhere in America.” Snyder then adds to that by telling us about Bly Tanaka, “All the safes are owned by Bly Tanaka, who is the guy who owns Bly Casino that they end up going to in Las Vegas“.

When Snyder got the idea to bring Army of Thieves to life?

Reminiscing about the time when they were filming Army of the Dead, Snyder said, “We had written this whole concept for Dieter to explain the Ring Cycle safes in Army of the Dead.” he further adds to that, “The scene as written is probably another, like, three or four minutes longer – just the speech!”

But when he said Matthias did that scene in front of the camera, Snyder immediately fell in love with it and had his “Oh Yeah!” moment. He realized that a story about Dieter’s obsession with safes is something that everyone needs to watch.


Matthias absolutely fell in love with the idea of a potential spin-off of the original movie, and the fact that it was going to be about his character was something that seemed like a dream come true. His first reaction to the idea of a prequel was, “What? What did you just say?” But the cherry on the cake was the chance to be a director of the same movie. Matthias couldn’t believe that he was offered the movie to be a director. He even asked Zack, “Thank you, I will do this. Is that true?“, to which Snyder replied, “Yes“. As we know now, it was very true.

Have you watched Army of Thieves yet? If not, you should check it out right now on Netflix.

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