Why Henry Cavill Is Not Just the Lead of The Witcher but So Much More

Why Henry Cavill Is Not Just the Lead of The Witcher but So Much More

Henry Cavill and his career have been nothing short of magnificent with roles like Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, Superman in the DC films trio, Charles Brandon in The Tudors, and Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. With a career that is doing so well, many expect Cavill to not focus on other activities quite so much. But the actor has proved time and again that he is certainly a man of many talents.

Here is a list of all trades Henry Cavill is a jack of:


Who doesn’t love a bit of escapism, eh? With actors being chased around by paparazzi every time they step out, they tend to look for indoor activities to keep them preoccupied, and what’s better to offer in this segment than gaming? Cavill is an ardent gamer who plays for hours without end.

We’re all a little competitive, some of us more than others. Henry Cavill certainly is zealous as he doesn’t even like to go easy on gaming. The actor talked in an interview about how enjoys the competitiveness and ends up taking it a bit too seriously.

The Witcher star Henry Cavill talks about his recovery from that injury

At the same time, I am very competitive and play everything on the hardest level I possibly can because I do like the challenge,” said the actor. He continued, “I get frustrated as well; there have been times when I’ve been up at 3 am or 4 am going, ‘I’m not going to beat it today. I need to go to sleep and stop winding myself up because it’s having the exact opposite effect of what I wanted.'”


While Henry Cavill’s gaming days are quite popular, especially because his favorite games included, of course, The Witcher. But what many fans don’t know is that Cavill is also tech-savvy. The actor took to social media to upload pictures of a computer he built from scratch.

He is quite the British gentleman

While this isn’t a talent quite by itself, it is a trait admirable enough to deserve a special mention. Chivalry and niceties are the last things fans might expect from a successful actor. Especially if the actor in question is 6’2, happens to be an ardent gamer, and has the brains too.

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While Cavill might be quite the Greek god, his apparent perfection doesn’t stop him from being extremely nice to everyone on the set. While this might seem the bare minimum, it actually is quite rare. Director Zack Snyder even calls the man “a warrior monk”.


Well, you didn’t expect an article about an actor’s talents without remarks about their career, did you?

Most fans know of Henry Cavill and the iconic characters he has played in The Witcher, The Tudors, Sherlock Holmes, and, of course, Superman. With the Best Hero award from MTV Movie Awards already in his bag, the actor is set to make a bigger name for himself. His acting career so far has had quite many emblematic roles, and the actor is now working harder than ever.

The turning point in the acting career of Henry Cavill isn’t Superman, but Netflix’s The Witcher. After 21 years of hard work, Cavill mentions how it is now that he has choices and can “really focus on the storytelling and grow from here.” Of course, this isn’t completely unexpected either, as the show was the most-watched Netflix Original until Bridgerton.

Cavill is set to star in Chad Stahelski’s (director of John Wick) reboot of Highlander while reprising his role as Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix Original Enola Holmes. He is going to be leading the all-star cast of Kingsman and will appear in Argylle.

Henry Cavill will work on all these projects while returning for season two of The Witcher. And who can forget the unending hypothesizing of Cavill as perhaps the most iconic character of cinema- James Bond.

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