‘The OA’ on Netflix Will Make You Forget ‘Stranger Things’ – Here’s Why You Must Watch the Show, Check Reviews, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

‘The OA’ on Netflix Will Make You Forget ‘Stranger Things’ – Here’s Why You Must Watch the Show, Check Reviews, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, and More

Netflix is one of the largest and most successful streaming websites globally. Its success and popularity have to be its extensive and always refreshing content. Netflix has almost 3,600 plus movies and more than 1,800 TV shows. However, this vast library sometimes acts as an obstacle for viewers. Many great TV shows and movies go unnoticed by people due to it getting lost under the plethora of content Netflix provides. The OA by Netflix has had a similar fate.

The OA is one of the best on Netflix

In 2016, two shows about a girl with supernatural powers were released on Netflix. One of them rose to monumental success, and the other is no longer running. By now, we are sure you must have guessed the former to be Stranger Things. But what about the latter?

The second one is The OA an extremely great show on Netflix.

To describe the show will be disrespectful. It is vast and is a culmination of different genres. On the surface, it is a Sci-Fi show, but in no time, it becomes an unstoppable force that you just can’t miss.

There are probably dozens of reasons to watch the show, the acting, setting, and great background score, but let us focus on the two most important ones, the plot and amazing world-building.

The Plot

Prairie Johnson is our major character and around whom the story revolves most. A young blonde lady, Prairie, falls off a bridge in the opening scene. She is back at home when she wakes up. And hadn’t been seen in seven years.

No one knows where she went, and on top of that, she can see now! Prairie has scars on her back and experiences horrifying flashes. But she refuses to tell her tale to her adoptive parents. Instead, she turns to the internet, using YouTube to discover like-minded people.

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From here, the plot takes on a mystery-like quality. We don’t know if Prairie is speaking the truth to her new friends or not. We don’t know if she possesses supernatural abilities. It doesn’t really matter to them. She brings together sad, imprisoned individuals, treating them with the same care and empathy that they have shown her—showing them a way out.

A better multiverse than marvel

Yes! You heard it right all fail in connecting universes when it comes to The OA. If you want a profound, existential look into the interconnectivity of all things, this is the program to watch. The OA‘s world is vast, and its workings follow the strangest of rules. The show has thought-provoking themes such as exploring the human condition, mortality, and the afterlife. 

To top it all, second season of the show is its best. A hundred times better than the first. Why Netflix chose to cancel a show with such potential only after two seasons still baffles us. Amazingly, season two’s ending is satisfying so that you won’t be left with any suspense or cliffhangers.

The OA has a really great cast who bring their roles to life with utmost perfection. Starring are Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, Jason Isaacs as Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy, Kingsley Ben-Adir as Karim Washington amount others.

The Ratings and Reviews

The OA scored 7.9 on IMDb and a collective series score of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. On Tomatormeter, the show’s season 1 scored 77%, while the second season scored 92% (told you, season 2 is GOOD).

For its season 1, the show received mixed reviews. With Hugo Rifkind from Times (UK) writing, “I quite like it. The first series was like nothing else” while Dana Schwartz from Observer called it a “ a swing and a miss on a colossal level, but oh, what a swing.”

Season 2 received slightly better reviews. Vox in its review wrote, “The OA is kind of genius, while simultaneously being incredibly silly. And you know what? I love it! I love its goofy, loopy vibe.” Meanwhile, Daily Telegraph (UK) writes, “The OA truly comes into its own when you stop attempting to piece together the storyline and instead submit to Marling and Batmanglij’s vision.”

Stream both the seasons of The OA on Netflix. And let us know if you liked the show.

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