The Hidden “Sneaky Statement” That Meghan Markle’s Engagement Portrait Dress Gave Off

The Hidden “Sneaky Statement” That Meghan Markle’s Engagement Portrait Dress Gave Off

The royal women and their obsession with intriguing the onlookers with their gorgeous attires have not faded away yet. This has been an age-old tradition where the Queens, Princesses, and the Duchess of the Royal Family left the world questioning their thoughts with the marvelous dresses that they wear. Looks like the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has a similar kink, or at least she had. 

Back in 2018, during the days of her engagement to Prince Harry of the House of Windsor, Meghan Markle was captured in an alluring outfit. The same reportedly had a “sneaky message” to the spectators. As reported by the New York Times, along with her being the person of race to enter the royal family, Markle’s approach towards the same made all the noise. 

What was the message given off by the engagement dress of Meghan Markle? 

For her engagement portrait picture, the then-soon-to-be Duchess wore a gorgeous Ralph & Russo black shirt embroidered with gold laces, along the ruffled skirt. As she sat resting loosely on Prince Harry for the picture, the attire came as quite a powerful message to the onlookers. It vividly radiated the message of how Meghan Markle, a biracial and a woman of color, will approach her royal duties.  

The transparent folds across the layers of the ensemble made it pretty clear. It symbolized how Meghan Markle had already been breaking barriers of stereotypical ways associated with the Royal Family. 

How was it different from that of other family members?

Speaking of the difference between the gestures of others in the family, the answer comes as straight as an arrow. If we look at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s engagement portrait, the first thing anyone would feel would be a sense of duty. And selfless service dedicated to the Monarchy. 

The vibes surrounding Kate Middleton went as newly accessible, down-to-earth, and sensual. On the contrary, the boldness radiated from Markle’s and Prince Harry’s picture. Meghan Markle made it quite clear with her dress that she was not one to go by the books. However, Princess Kate, on the other expressed her complete dedication to the service. 

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What are your opinions on the same? Have you noticed the difference between both portraits? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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