The Henry Cavill “White Wig” Mystery That Shocked Anya Chalotra

The Henry Cavill “White Wig” Mystery That Shocked Anya Chalotra

If there is one thing almost every Witcher fan from around the world was in awe of, it was Henry Cavill‘s flawless performance as Geralt of Rivia. Even months after the actor’s exit, the fans have still been demanding to bring back the British actor back to the show. However, one can’t blame the fans, since the way Cavill transformed himself into the character was incredible. Moreover, not just the fans but even the crew members were mesmerized by how easily the actor transitioned himself into the role. And recently, even the lead actress Anya Chaltora revealed that she was shocked to see the actor without the Geralt outfit.

Over the years, we have witnessed Henry Cavill play a huge variety of roles in various movies. However, unlike most of his films, The Witcher showed the actor in a completely different appearance. Seeing Cavill in the Geralt outfit shocked the audience. And recently Anya Chaltora, who plays Yennefer, admitted the same in a 2019 interview right before season 1’s release.

In conversation with Entertainment Tonight Chalotra revealed, “Every time I saw Henry, he was in a white wig, and actually for me, when he wasn’t Geralt … I was shocked at what he looked like.” 

It might surprise you to know, but the creators spent months to make the Geralt wig. Meanwhile, it seems like everyone from the show was in awe of Cavill as Geralt. Not long ago, the Yeneffer actress opened up about her experience of working alongside the Enola Holmes star. She called Cavill the best person she could have worked with. Apart from Chaltora, even Freya Allan who plays Princess Cirilla of Cintra in the show was full of praises for the British actor.

Ultimately, despite all the praises the British actor bid farewell to the show.

How the future for the Witcher franchise looks like after Henry Cavill?

Now that Cavill is longer a part of the Witcher franchise, the fans are curious and even worried to know what the future looks like. Apparently, the franchise has a plans to expand into multiple animated spin offs. Not long ago, Redanian Intelligence confirmed the release of a prequel titled Riff Raff

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Meanwhile, the show will soon make its way back to our screens for its third season. Since this is the last time Cavill will reprise his role as the Geralt, the fans are excited for the third instalment.

What are your hopes with the season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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