“The best person I could have…” – Anya Chalotra Reveals Her Experience Working With Henry Cavill on ‘The Witcher’

“The best person I could have…” – Anya Chalotra Reveals Her Experience Working With Henry Cavill on ‘The Witcher’

The third season of Netflix’s fantasy series The Witcher will soon make its way to our screens. The fans can’t wait for the third installment since this is the last time we will witness Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia. Undoubtedly, The Witcher has always been an amazing show with an incredible storyline and plot. However, it was Cavill’s performance as the Geralt that made the show incredibly popular. With the third season on its way, Anya Chalotra will also be reprising her role as Yennefer. And recently, the actress opened up about her experience of working alongside the Enola Holmes star.

Chaltora and Cavill have worked together on The Witcher for 3 seasons and the duo has filmed numerous scenes together. The two play lovers in the series, and their chemistry on-screen was a treat to watch. Owing to the duration of time the duo spent working together, it sort of helped the two understand each other and how they worked. And recently, Chaltora commented on the actor’s departure from the show.

As reported by Fandom Wire, the actress called her experience of working alongside Cavill a delight. She revealed, “He’s a very sweet man—and the best person I could have worked with in this role.” 


The actress further revealed that the energy and enthusiasm Cavill brought with him was inspiring. As we all know, Cavill is a huge fan of the Witcher novel and video games. Chaltora even admitted that the British actor always aimed to make the best out of the story present in front of them. We all know Cavill was a huge fan of The Witcher franchise and the actor’s love for the lore played a major role in popularizing the show.

Needless to say, all this praise for Cavill and the general love fans have for the actor means Liam Hemsworth has big shoes to fill in season 4.

How Henry Cavill and his love for The Witcher might pose a risk to Liam Hemsworth

Even though months have passed since Liam Hemsworth took over the mantle of the Geralt, the fans are still not happy about the decision. The viewership has already started declining and fans even started a petition to reverse the decision. Owing to all these problems, Hemsworth has a lot of weight on his shoulders. And now that Chaltora has spoken about how Cavill was the best person she could have worked in the role, it makes it more challenging for Hemsworth.

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Do you think Liam Hemsworth will be able to fill in Cavill’s shoes?

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