The First One — Ben Affleck on Why He Loved Working In ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’

The First One — Ben Affleck on Why He Loved Working In ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Ben Affleck is arguably one of the best Batman that superhero fans have had. And also the most honest. Affleck has so far aced the Batman costume five times, and this, apart from the fact that he is quite the movie critic, makes his opinion about the DC Batman movies very relevant. Out of the five times that the Gone Girl actor sported the black knight costume, he mostly made up for cheer-inducing cameos. One, however, where he stood shoulder to shoulder with Henry Cavill aka the disputed best Superman, churned out the maximum Batman out of him.

As the actor now transitions into his role as a CEO for Artists Equity, now is the best time to ponder which among the Batman movies does Ben Affleck holds the rank of his favorite. And his answer will strike the same chord with you that his ‘sad Affleck’ memes did.

Ben Affleck weighs in on his best Batman movie

A drawback of his show-stopping acting career is that many fail to acknowledge his brilliance as a filmmaker. The actor has two Academy Awards to his name, among other great accolades, and both owing to his work off camera. Therefore, when Ben Affleck sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about his latest affair with a production company, fans knew that his answer would be the make or break for the best Batman movie. And unsurprisingly, the actor chose Batman vs Superman and dissed the Justice League.I like a lot of the stuff we did, especially the first one [Batman v Superman],” he said.

DC fans would agree with Affleck on this one and the offscreen bond shared by Henry Cavill and Affleck may be a huge reason behind this. Moreover, despite the back-breaking budget of the League of Justice, it did not pass the check for many fans who were hoping for it to culminate into an extravaganza and not a hotchpotch.

But one thing remains: fans love Batfleck. So wi he return to his role?

Will Affleck return as Batman?

Affleck is looking to expand as a filmmaker in the coming years. Therefore, it was confirmed that The Flash was the last time that the audience will see Ben Affleck put on his Batman costume.

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After his fifth entry with The Flash, the actor became the only Batman ever to have so many movies to his name. However, much like all good heroes, Ben Affleck is also set on bidding farewell to DC.

Who do you think will be the next Batman? Let us know in the comments below.

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