Not Protien Shakes or Workout but Ben Affleck Is the Secret to Henry Cavill’s Body

Not Protien Shakes or Workout but Ben Affleck Is the Secret to Henry Cavill’s Body

Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck together were the duo that fans needed and got in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. A lot has changed since then and both Cavill and Affleck have put a full stop on their run as iconic DC characters. However, as is the case with most movies in which the costars have great chemistry, Cavill and Ben Affleck’s promotional antics cannot be forgotten.

From how the ‘Sad Affleck’ meme emerged to the visual glory the two presented when they stood next to each other, fans are still hung up on it. While the two have graciously talked about how amazing it was to work together, Ben Affleck shared in 2019 an aspect of working with Henry Cavill that he hated.

Ben Affleck once worked as Henry Cavill’s trainer

Superman V Dawn of Justice was not only a collaboration with two of the most fan favorite superheroes around the world but also the marriage between two of the most loved actors. The nail biting tension that Superman and Batman had as they stood next to each other was a result of the hard work the actors put in preparing themselves for the role. As Ben Affleck shared, “I really had to help him increase muscle mass,” said Affleck in a conversation with Men’s Health in 2019.

The actor further revealed how he devoted himself as Cavill’s trainer. “In all honesty, we did work out together. And I hated it,” said Affleck, referring to the near-obsession the British actor has when it comes to hitting the gym. It is surprising to note how Henry Cavill, who is marveled for his toned physique, had to receive training from Ben Affleck, who himself sought inspiration in bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although the actor might have had to do double the work, Affleck was an amazing trainer if his buffed up biceps in their faceoff are anything to go by. But before being the trainer, Batman did intimidate Superman.

Was Henry Cavill intimated by Ben Affleck’s body?

This body transformation journey could not have been possible had Cavill not found himself “intimated” by Ben Affleck. The actor revealed how despite being confident enough in himself, when he stood next to Affleck he felt like he had to hit the gym “like yesterday”.

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Thanks to Ben Affleck’s coaching, Henry Cavill buffed up and, to this day, is maintaining the physique. Additionally, Cavill is now synonymous with roles that have a compelling back story along with power packed biceps. And who knew that Ben Affleck had a hand in all of this?

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