The Duchess of Sussex as the Next American President? Supporters Put Her in Top Spots as Meghan Markle Eyes the White House

The Duchess of Sussex as the Next American President? Supporters Put Her in Top Spots as Meghan Markle Eyes the White House

Make America great again with Meghan Markle? The actress may have moved to the United Kingdom after marriage Prince Harry but she still remains an American citizen. The strong feminist quit her career as per Royal rules to have a lavish wedding and to become the Duchess of Sussex.

But this did not go as planned. The Suits actress struggled to gel with the British culture and the Royal family. She grew up being an independent person that always preached about equal rights for women and the LGBTQ+ community. Those pretty much make up the qualities of a potential politician. She could be running for the White House for 2024 but will she?

Will Meghan Markle run against Donald Trump?

Meghan Markle requested privacy after her split from the Royal family. Now she wants to return to the limelight, and head to the White House. As per a source, the Duchess is getting trained by experts to prepare herself for the next step. A poll on has revealed that most Democratic Candidates believe she would be an ideal candidate. The Daters Handbook actress topped the poll results with a percentage of 27%, gaining the favor of 525 out of 1500 voters. This was followed by 25% for Kamala Harris, while Hillary Clinton and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared the third position. One thing is clear: The Democrats want their next candidate to be a female. Patrick Basham, director of Democracy Institute, said, “We have confirmed that most Democrats want a female and arguably demand a female candidate next time.”

Basham believes that Markle has good potential and can be taken under wing if she decides. In that case, she could see herself standing against the 45th President of America, Donald Trump. The two already have butted heads against each other. With the Duchess of Sussex calling him divisive and misogynistic, and Trump clapping back by calling her nasty.

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Meghan Markle is known for standing her ground and has been an avid advocate for equal rights. Now that she is free to work again, the Democrats can look forward to seeing their candidate.

Would you be in favor of Markle as a candidate? Let us know in the comments.

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