“Harry’s friends all said she was a nutter”- Royal Journalist Tom Bower Claims the Duke’s Friends Were Ridiculed By the Duchess Meghan Markle

“Harry’s friends all said she was a nutter”- Royal Journalist Tom Bower Claims the Duke’s Friends Were Ridiculed By the Duchess Meghan Markle

Although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are quite content with their marital life, it seems like almost everyone was against the pair tying the knot. To this date, we had only heard of the Palace having inconveniences adjusting to the pair. However, it turns out, there were some other acquaintances from their own generation who did not like the fit. Turns out, some of the Prince’s confidants were against their marriage. 

Along with some other blistering comments that the self-acclaimed Royal Biographer launched on the couple especially, Markle, Tom Bower also added that some of Harry’s best friends did not like the presence of Meghan Markle. He then narrated an incident in support of his statements that revealed the Duke’s friends found it awkward to adjust to the Duchess.

Bower claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got the former’s friends exhausted

As per the British writer and other sources too, the Prince had once invited a bunch of his pals to spend a weekend at a private residence of British monarchs. They were 16 of his former Eton University classmates who were to join the couple at Sandringham House. The Duke was looking forward to an exciting weekend with his long-time friends. However, all of them were left agitated, confronting Meghan Markle and her ways. In fact, they considered her a “nutter,” said Bower. 

The Duchess’ “lack of sense of humor” made Harry’s friends disappointed in her, which resulted in an eventless gathering. She would not stand any jokes or remarks regarding sexism or racism that made the guests feel constrained and uncomfortable. Harry on his part was “unprepared” for “Meghan’s sudden confrontation,” says Bower. Eventually, his friends lessened their visits to the Sussexes, leaving Harry isolated and unaccompanied. 

Targeting Harry’s secluded life revolving around his wife only, profound royal expert and former New York Times editor-in-chief, Tina Brown reported, he has become “emotionally needy.” She also reflected on how distancing themselves from their Royal base in the UK has completely changed his personality. In times of disparity and grief, Meghan seems to answer some huge need in Harry, according to Brown.

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