“That’s super weird..” – When Ryan Reynolds Read Out a Spicy Question From Blake Lively for Hugh Jackman

“That’s super weird..” – When Ryan Reynolds Read Out a Spicy Question From Blake Lively for Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of the most loved couples in Hollywood and for good reason. The actor met the love of his life, Blake Lively, on the sets of Green Lantern. Ever since, the couple has been inseparable. Yet, both keep their sense of humor alive by often roasting each other. The love birds have been together for a decade now, with three young daughters and Blake being pregnant with their fourth baby.

Meanwhile, the Deadpool actor is busy handling his Wrexham AFC team, and multiple movie projects like Spirited, Imaginary Friends, and the most popular one, Deadpool 3. The third installation of the MCU movie that will have will see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine. The two have a long history together. In fact, Reynolds uploaded a video of him interviewing the Logan actor back in 2016, wherein he asked this one hilarious question from ‘fan’ Blake Lively.

The question that Ryan Reynolds asked Hugh Jackman on behalf of Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds first appeared in the role of Merc without a Mouth in Hugh Jackman’s 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. After the movie makers were criticized for taking away his speaking ability, Ryan worked on it to release his solo Deadpool movie in 2016. The entertainer who remains super active on social media uploaded a video of him from six years ago, interviewing Hugh Jackman.

This was for during the promotion of the latter movie Eddie The Eagle. Being his funny self, the Ted actor did a round of asking fan questions for Jackman. One of which was supposedly a question from Blake Lively, whom Ryan cheekily referred to as ‘he.’

The question was: “Hugh I tried calling you on the burner phone and you didn’t answer. Are we still meeting at the Gansevoort Hotel this afternoon? I don’t have much time because Ryan is having a mani-pedi from three to four.” The actor took a moment before murmuring that he indeed had a mani-pedi at the given time and how “that’s super weird.

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Jackman chuckled at the question. However, Reynolds jumped onto the next question before the X-Men star could even answer it. The whole interview continued with the actor rambling hilarious questions, sharing laughter with Jackman. Are you excited to see this duo in the 2024 movie Deadpool 3? Let us know in the comments.

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