“That was just really off the top of my head” Henry Cavill Explains the Punch From ‘Mission Impossible:Fallout’

“That was just really off the top of my head” Henry Cavill Explains the Punch From ‘Mission Impossible:Fallout’

Various actors want to take the lead or play the lead in movies and series revolving around action movies. These films are exciting and great fun to watch. While we talk about action films, the list of the top action movies is incomplete without the top-rated film series Mission Impossible. Although Mission Impossible has a plethora of action films under its belt, one of the best films from the series is Mission Impossible: Fallout. Starring two of the best actors in the industry, Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise, the film was jampacked with action and insane stunts. But do you remember the iconic punch scene from the film where Cavill does a double pump with his fists?

As we all know, normally, when a new Mission Impossible film comes out the focus is on the action scenes. However, even though Mission Impossible: Fallout is full of insane action stunts, fans cannot seem to get enough of Henry Cavill’s punch scene. So what was the scene about? Let us find out.

Henry Cavill explains his iconic punch scene from Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout had one of the best action scenes. Furthermore, while filming one of the scenes in the film, Tom Cruise had a near-death experience. While the film had insane Ethan Hunt moments, the Henry Cavill punch scene left the fans in awe.

Previously, in an interview, Cavill talked about the iconic punch scene where he double-pumped his fists. During an appearance on GMA, the host asked Cavill to explain why he did the movement with his fists. The Enola Holmes star revealed, “that was just really off the top of my head, it just felt right at the time and then I got kind of shy afterwards.”

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Cavill even added how he did feel so shy that he did not repeat the same in the next take. Interestingly, director Christopher McQuarrie came up to The Witcher star and asked him to repeat the scene. Previously, Cavill even revealed how his mother would personally call Tom Cruise while talking about his transformation from Superman to August Walker.

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