“That episode is so chaotic…” – Sydney Sweeney Once Spoke About the Infamous Hot Tub Scene That Grossed Her Out

“That episode is so chaotic…” – Sydney Sweeney Once Spoke About the Infamous Hot Tub Scene That Grossed Her Out

Among the multiple astounding talents Sydney Sweeney possesses, her arguably best quality is performing any scene with the utmost perfection. Her character in Euphoria is very mysterious when it comes to her feelings, but at the same time, she gives her audience the assurance that she is very relatable. The perfect mix and match of these two qualities let the 25-year-old grow into her character’s skin and perform one of the most disgusting scenes in the history of the show.

In order to make her character development of Cassie reach its peak, Sweeney had to perform a difficult scene that would gross out the audience (and the actress herself) but keep Cassie alive in their memories forever. But what was the scene, and why did she not like it?

The infamous hot tub scene was disgusting for Sydney Sweeney

This scene is from episode four of season two from Maddy’s birthday party where Cassie gets drunk. While a bunch of girls and Nate are in the hot tub, Maddy and Nate have an argument over them getting back together when Cassie raises the question about the same. As they debate, her emotional quotient of Cassie rises up to the extent that she eventually pukes in the hot tub, while ruining it for everybody.

As much as the scene was gross for the viewers, it was for the actors, too. She mentioned that the scene was extremely gross for her to do. The Spokane native also explained the artificial setup, which helped her barf at the exact moment. Sweeney told Decider last year, “They had this invisible tube that looked like a horse bit and they put it in my mouth and I had to somehow hold and make it look semi-normal.”

However, two things about the scene that she loved were that she got to let herself loose and the second being that all of them were together. She said that she barely gets a chance to enjoy a scene where all of them are together and this one included everyone, which made her happy.

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This was not the only scene the actress struggled to do.

Cassie’s morning ritual scene has a huge fanbase

Even though Cassie had many memorable moments on the show, the morning routine scene received a lot of attention. On one hand, she grossed everyone out by barfing into the tub, but on the other, she obsessively cleans herself in her morning routine scene for Nate to notice her.

There were other scenes in the show for which the actress will always receive appreciation, but the aforementioned two were her best work. She will soon appear in the third season of Euphoria.

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